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  1. As we approach the end I wanted to thank everyone for their contributions in the past. My 8years here have been amazing. Good luck and bravery to yall and see you on the other side :) 

  2. A vkei botacc tweeted a clip of xaaxaa's 雪時計 and dang that made me nostalgic and sad 

  3. So erm yeah, after watching this let me just say Kids, stay away from drugs ❤
  4. The start sounded great, the rest...well...I guess I can get used to it yeah, but honestly I like the direction this is going
  5. just read that acme will be having a "last live" but no disbandment/hiatus confirmation/news. or is it just the last live for this year xdd?

    1. anadentone


      I think they mean of the year.... according to google translate of Chisa's post. You could ask him on twitter :D

  6. Xerath

    I feel like I have seen this band(look) like more than a dozen times since I joined this music lifestyle 9years ago She looks like every other B*
  7. I didn't even know xaaxaa was having a MV scheduled for today but here we are

    1. platy


      honestly feels like there's a monthly pv drop and I'm not complaining

  8. Xerath

    refreshing to see a new band after very bad months and it indeed sounds pretty good, interested to hear more.
  9. A best of being 2500? Sounds kinda cheap when I compare it to others. Wonder what itll have
  10. Xerath

    Not overly surprised tbh. I mean the Vo. Surely has talent but to me it has this weird effect of being boring after a short period of time. Wouldnt probably be able to listen to a wholeass album. Yet it is sad to see them actually go.
  11. Xerath

    Definitely sounds better than the previous release imo, like somethin essentially was missing, yet this sounds like its going to be a very decent MV the bassist is gonna have backaches for carrying this band so much
  12. Xerath

    Idk how I could miss that, thank you very much!
  13. Xerath

    so I fatfingered and clicked on the thing that hides the personalizations like stamps and gifs etc and I can't find it anywhere to "unhide" that. I seem to be very blind. any kind of help is appreciated 😭
  14. ah yes going back to the old times without HQ pvs, born-demons KEKW

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. reminiscing2004


      its nice to look back :) bands have it ez mode these days  -- could probably film a pv with someone's phone lol

    3. Xerath


      oh I think a few bands have already done it lmao

    4. Axius


      God i miss born which they were still around. 

  15. "trailer" they will never learn but issa fiiiine edit: ok no wait I thought it was the usual full MV but thats actually a trailer lmao
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