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  1. Pretsy

    @WhirlingBlackokay sir, then at least respond to complaints. Ruh-roh. You are just a broken record right now. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"? Is that your motto?
  2. Pretsy

    I never said that relation to Kodou was purely factual or based on a specific source. I just recalled that Dir en classic once I started to notice similar wah-wah soloing being prominent on Tousei during the intro and its climax. Not that many songs by Diru except for maybe AMBER for a slight moment had that much of wah-wah. Add a few C# riffs picked by Die into the same list too. But that doesn't mean they rehashed Kodou though, nope. I don't have to look for a specific Haiiro no Ginka issue to prove that my speculations are just speculations just like how you guys feel about Diru songs in overall. I mean, you guys did connect Revelation to Saku on a composition level and not just based on PVs being sequels/prequels to each other before I joined in, right? What if that was not the case according to its composers? What if we are just fans with no prior, fail-proof information, but only with enthusiasm to find out more about our joys? Oh wait, there's no "we" according to Diru fanbase. My bad.
  3. Pretsy

    Why is it that you insist on someone getting triggered over your statements? Were I passive aggressive for questioning your negative attitude towards people not really giving a damn about bazillion dorky-titled subgenres? You seem to love it so much to the point where you are eager invent some petty strawmen and even pettier claims that you "corrected" something as if you were some kind of Allmusic-tier critic authority knowing DEG or genres they play to the very core. Here, a stock representation of your forum self: @WhirlingBlackit might be your job to finish this shitfest instead of liking posts and letting this thread sink into Fukkatsu cesspool. Now to the topic: Maybe, maybe not. The band did not disclose what exactly they meant by "Origins" per Arche's meaning so we are free to speculate anything we want, no? People would for instance recall "Disabled Complexes" or "Toguro" when listening to "Phenomenon", which might have been plausible sources of inspiration during their songwriting process. Or "Tousei" being the "Kodou" of the album. Some throwbacks succeeded, some could not hold a candle to their possible sources of inspiration, was what I tried to say. "The Inferno" being the example of the latter, in case someone missed the point. Diru can do much better than that. I really wish the band would retell the songwriting process of each ARCHE song one day like they did with TMOAB, but that would not happen since they have to keep their mystery band cred intact.
  4. Pretsy

    Maybe there's something more to that than just the tempo and its placement? Maybe that is exactly what motif is about rather than just notes that grumpy mr. Know-It-All a few posts back tried to tackle? Whatever. Just that people find "The Inferno" somehow groundbreaking and novel per their repertoire amuses me the most. Yawn.
  5. Pretsy

    You do know that "Alternative" exists there for a reason, right? The band never had any word on their style, so it's just a blank slate, and there is no higher will deciding that they could fit into one specific label just because. I mentioned (hard) rock because their earlier, more palatable repertoire still affects what they are doing to this day. We are not talking about separate entities, but about the same band. Maybe it might not be specifically hard rock as older generations understand it, but maybe an "alternative" rendition just like what you Americans endorsed back when MTV TRL mattered. I am gonna put a full stop to this irrelevant subtopic. Eat a snickers or ---> https://www.last.fm/music/DIR+EN+GREY
  6. Pretsy

    So them being a metal band is a statement carved in stone? Color me and many others interested in this detail rather than in dorky alt-right subgenres that you endorse. I don't even like metal, but I still know there's a long way to go for these guys to become a legit metal band in the flesh. They could fit their influences as much as they wish, although no matter what, they are about as metal as At the Drive-in, if anything. Wanna consult Boo since he may know a bit better about other (heavier) bands he befriended and Diru too? I have yet to see Japanese critics titling them PUROGUDESSUMETARUBANDO. Also +1 for not noticing the same outro motif of those two aforementioned songs.
  7. Pretsy

    All those three songs are filler tracks though. :^) Nothing mature on "The Inferno" in having quite lazy A-tuning riffs, Kyo struggling to choose his screaming technique, and outro aping what Gaika was near the end: Diru was never meant to be a metal band! Whoever thinks they should be metal: the band never went to admit that they ARE metal, right?
  8. Pretsy

    Okay, so we don't talk about their change to vk looks anymore? How boring. I mean, c'mon: So did they decide to do this after regaining their older fans? Or perhaps attempting to attract newer bands? Or is it just the band longing for their VK past?
  9. Pretsy

    Yup, I don't know what was the point of that either. Let's discuss: Did anyone of you guys expect Diru to revert back to their visual/almost androgynous aesthetics after DUM SPIRO SPERO? Looking back, I noticed that even a huge bunch of fans here did not foresee these guys giving up on embracing more American-friendly looks after something so serious that was their 2007-2012 era. Is this a thing among all legendary, "formerly" visual-oriented bands right now? MUCC is doing this too, LUNA SEA is doing it too as of lately, BUCK-TICK too, and so on.
  10. Pretsy

    He could work fine with middle range vocal parts that most Diru songs provide? Unraveling as an example of my point requires someone to deal with those middle-range sections so that Kyo could carry on with meow-meowing his bridge lyrics. But hey, do you really think Kyo alone there would somehow represent Diru well if we allow him to struggle while performing his bazillion vocal tracks and messing up as a result? Mind that aside from some band assistance he still needs a vocal coach, since he is prone to ruining his own cords again. Tatsurou from MUCC went through such process and look at him now: he knows when it is okay to go for highs and back to lows and so on. Why couldn't Kyo do that? I really hope I will not be bombarded by angry remarks from some dedicated fans if I mention "Kyo" and "vocal coach" in one sentence. Really unpopular opinion, but it is their only opportunity to prove Kyo's worth here.
  11. Pretsy

    I'll be amazed the day Kyo realizes Die can also back him up if needed for those doubled vocal parts. To think that even someone who's not really used to singing like Die could have more stamina for such activities than Kyo! And he's not bad either.
  12. Pretsy

    It's not something that clicks in the same way like any other classic Diru song does. So yes, it is not memorable at all and you could ask anyone else outside of last.fm, fukkatsu or MH to memorize the song and all they could do is just air-guitar their way through that intro instead. I could barely hum the chorus and I have spun Arche for like 5-10 times in a row on almost regular basis when it came out.
  13. Pretsy

    PS. they also need to come up with actually creative choruses. Revelation, Utafumi, Un deux and all of those latest "A-sides" had only memorable intros and nothing from hooks nor choruses. What happened? [2]
  14. Pretsy

    Kyo's vocal abilities degraded to the level of early 2008 though. His grunts are as unprofessional as they were back then, and he manages to lose some of his voice halfway through even after performing less challenging songs - Undecided ,embryo, and the list goes on.* They need to make less songs like Utafumi and more of those that Kyo himself can perform. Dum Spiro Spero phase of songwriting might not be over yet based on that aspect alone. *Just to prove that I am not talking out of my arse: What happened?
  15. Pretsy

    That is not how you pronounce "REMEMBER THE URGE" Chijou was quite dull and CLEVER MONKEY was one of their most embarrassing efforts ever. I don't get all the hate over FADELESS B-sides like "Forbidden Beaver", which in spite of its title was a neat no-joke-legit-song. And AOI song to say the least!
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