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  1. 8P-SB aren't that bad. Especially if you think every thing sounds the same - this is really fresh, but not sure if I like Koichis Voice 😕

    1. platy


      Actually listening to their stuff again. It's not horrible, a lot of it is catchy. But koichi's voice is a no. 

    2. chemicalpictures


      eh, come on. It is horrible, horrible as fuck. And there's no problem in liking horrible things.


      I really really like their network song for example, it's definitely catchy. But the horribleness is there, lol



  2. I'll give NAZARE a chance - Judas sounds not that bad

  3. Catfist and Cocklobin back? Would be pawsome ❤️

    1. Alsdead14


      I agree with you! All the bands I loved so much are coming back haha. Lix. too! next 9goatsblack out? hahaha, I know that's impossible.

    2. Chikage


      9goatsblackout would be awesome, too! If deadman would be next also I could die happily XDD but that would be also impossible

  4. Chikage

    He sounds like he is bored while singing clean - where is his motivation plz? is eternity so boring? but the instrumentals are good, I like it
  5. Chikage

    I'm not sure if it is right or, I heard that it was because of Kyos alcohol problem - but that in fact could be a rumor But this is a good question!
  6. Chikage

    my favorite member ._. I hope his quick retirement isn't something health related
  7. Isn't it ironic? someone that kept me from attempting suicide, committed suicide... I'm done with life and the loved ones I lost. even though, rest in piece, Ches

    1. suji


      Think about what you say. Don't be easily influenced. Just because he did it, doesn't mean you have to either; I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want that. Let this be a lesson that you need to stay strong and that you can fight depression. It's a hard fight, but we're determined to win the war.

    2. Zeus


      he was only able to do that because he was right down there with others experiencing depression and he was able to take his emotions and express it through music. how you feel about his suicide is how others will feel about yours, should you choose to walk that path. no matter how lonely you feel there is someone on this earth that will miss you if you kill yourself. you just won't be around to see it.

    3. Chikage


      Don't get me wrong with this status, right now I'm not suicidal and I won't get to the point - because I have friends going through "the same war" as me. But I was in the past - people changed my point of view on this and I lost a lot of people dear to me to death, so I don't want others to experience it because I was selfish enough to end my own life besides the fact I could have fixed it. It was just... hard to experience because I lost someone in october and with this news all of this came up again. I'm on meds, I'll be fine even though I struggle, but I have enough strength to fight

  8. It's so beautiful <3


  9. let's see how much "DEATHGAZE" this will be - by the looks of it, it's DEATHGAZE 3.0 but I'm fine with this as long as I can hear his voice
  10. Chikage

    the same here! I'd love to have them back <3
  11. Chikage

    lynch. - GUILLOTINE
  12. wasn't the guitarist of Vexent also one of those missing musicians? didn't they kick him out because of this?
  13. I'm curious... Hazuki (lynch.) singing an ARCH ENEMY song? I want to listen to it >_<

    1. Kiyoharu is God

      Kiyoharu is God



      You're going to prob need to creatre a vk.com account to hear it though.

    2. Chikage


      wow thanks a lot! I forgot about vk.com and nearly forgot to thank you for this!

    3. rekzer


      that was actually really good. thanks for that


  14. Maybe I find it creepy because I hate clowns and the "circus music" is reminding me of clowns... but all in all, everytime I listened to this sh*t I got the creeps and that's not because of Kyo
  15. Chikage

    I'm getting old x_x and I want fresh color for my hair #firstworldproblems - I haz themz
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