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  1. chemicalpictures

    hey mate, I'm sorry for the situation you're in, it's never easy to go through that kind of change, but I think you already have all the pieces of the puzzle in your hands. She already made it clear and you said yourself you guys arent even friendly to each other, looks like the love relationship is gone, there's only a lingering idea that she is somehow your possession, which is obviously not true. Not only that, but I could bet that if you take your time/distance to look over your relationship, you'd see that the sheer number of issues between you guys would most certainly shows that it would meet the same end if somehow you guys tried again. For that, I could only suggest looking for professional help. And I mean it, find yourself a trusted mental health professional, get some help. You own it to yourself, and more than that, to the 2 kids that certainly love and need their father. If anything, I'd say that should be your main concern atm: focus on getting better to do better to your kids. Be the best, more present, more caring dad you can be, that is always only up to you. Wishing you all the best, and all the strength to deal with this!
  2. chemicalpictures

    Let's meet again. I won't say goodbye Even if the world were to end, I want to sing forever. have a good trip
  3. chemicalpictures

    damn, I wasn't even aware people held oboreru sakana this highly imo they excel on the most melodic tracks, yoshiatsu voice is super emotional, songs like Kiss wo Shiyou, Hotaru, DAY BY DAY, the mentioned 2017 年 7 月 21 日の日記, imitation hero, KURT, ある日、世界は美しいと思った are among their absolute best!
  4. cmon guys lets not kid ourselves, he could have taylor swift levels of budget, this song would still suck major balls
  5. chemicalpictures

    I thought this retsu hating bandwagon was mostly for memes, I guess not lul I still have high hopes for them tbh, looking forward to see how they develop what they started in MISC, which I still treat as a pretty nice unpolished demo of sorts
  6. chemicalpictures

    man this is cool and sad at the same time this was obviously a katatootoshi album was about to drop before awa left glad to see the music still being released, sad to see its not awa on vocals
  7. chemicalpictures

    awwww FUCK awa is the new tenten, I guess
  8. chemicalpictures

    this is mediocre at best, and I'm one of those who thinks TODAY (the song) is pretty freaking great
  9. chemicalpictures

    so this never really went anywhere, eh? In any case, apparently in 2018 they at least demoed a bunch of re-recordings, which are now available on Daisuke yt channel there's also a new solo song featuring yoshi on vocals, but It kinda sucks, so...
  10. new BVCCI HAYNES is pretty dope, much better than Cont;nue, y'all should check it out

  11. chemicalpictures

    not my cup of tea but happy hes back
  12. I think this forum severely lacks ドレミ・ファ worship, that's why VK is DYING.

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      I liked that one #lostworld mini but haven’t heard this band.


      Post a song that will win me over!

    2. reminiscing2004


      I really just wish their production was slightly better 😭 I love the music but the midi drums and overall mix are too much of a barrier to entry for me.. i'm with rev in that I loved lostworld, and I still really like doremi fa's creative sensibilities.. just please stop the midi drums 😭

    3. chemicalpictures


      @reminiscing2004oh but I do agree with ya, #LOSTWORLD still tops doremifa's effort so far, but the potential is definitely there. I really wanna check out their limited singles, those previews sounds BOMB


      @The Reverendyooo try this one, it's one of my favorites!



  13. chemicalpictures

    aw mannn fuck this
  14. Acme's Shogo riffs are so damn CATCHY

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