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  1. I thank you all for making the 5 years I've been around this place much more colorful than they otherwise would've been. :)

  2. 123Sandman321

    Not saying it's anything fresh, but I reckon most of you need to brush up on what western metalcore was like 10 years ago not really referenced here, but also "djent" seems to be thrown around all the time with the things in question not being anything remotely close to it. Considering the song, the teasers didn't really do anything for me (and the rest of the songs seemed more interesting, anyway), but in it's entirety, it's quite okay. The guitars and the overarching ambience in some parts were definitely the highlight.
  3. 123Sandman321

    The chorus is god tier.
  4. 123Sandman321

    As someone who loved their last two albums, this is just a'ight. This one reeks of chasing that anime OP the most.
  5. 123Sandman321

    Eh, could've done a bit more with it than what's essentially an A-side collection, but re-recorded naked is an absolute win.
  6. 123Sandman321

    After such a drought of new bands, imma take anything for a spin, really. This is just a'ight, but if it wasn't for the fuckery with the clean vocals, oh boy, I really wouldn't give a damn.
  7. 123Sandman321

    D.I.D. - Providentia (3) THE BLACK SWAN - OUSIA CodeRebirth - CATHARSIS Codomo Dragon - Gekokujou. DELACROIX - Re:do DEZERT - TODAY DIMLIM - CHEDOARA FIXER - FIXER I GHOSE - Chigirie JILUKA - XANADU Kuroyuri to Kage - Hinikuna Tane no Hikutsuna Me lynch. - D.A.R.K. In the Name of Evil RAZOR - Okite the GazettE - DOGMA If I ever find the time, imma add my thoughts on all of them
  8. lynch.'s management finally wised up and put their older stuff back on Spotify, including ULTIMA.

  9. 123Sandman321

    Their instrumental is always just so on point, damn.
  10. The final song on BMTH's latest record is goddamn beautiful.


    I'm quite sure the remaining EPs won't be as heavy, overall, but I'm a really happy boy nontheless.

  11. 123Sandman321

    It was absolutely brilliant, everything I hoped for. Didn't top Divine Error and The Purge is vocally just too strained to be enjoyable, but still, they've been killing it these last two years.
  12. 123Sandman321

    Christopher Lee has actually quite a few albums out. Definitely a rennaissance man. This is a fucking jam. And how could y'all forget the GOAT!?
  13. 123Sandman321

    Besides Ryo siphoning the ability to scream from the entire japanese population to himself, he's really turning into Pitbull with the amount of features he does
  14. 123Sandman321

    Damn, this was absolutely massive. In hindsight it seems obvious that it was Ryo, but I never would've guessed beforehand
  15. 123Sandman321

    It's just choruses, but I'm very cautiously optimistic. (granted, if it were any other band, I'd be all over that shit, but my expectations here are just that high)
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