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  1. raiding the dl section feels like scooping water out of the ocean...there's so much i'm going to miss

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shir0
    3. Axius


      Ha lol im on page 156 and counting down Shttttt >.> 

    4. Ikna


      Well, I probably won't be through the DL sections before the site closes, I hope it's true it will be hosted as read only later. I have to say, going through the section I discovered a shitload of bands I totally missed out on or neglected in the past.

  2. y'all better buy hard drives and start backing up your collections....a lot of stuff is about to become rarez. i'm about to raid the DL section rn matter of fact...

    1. Axius


      Im about to as well. 

    2. chemicalpictures


      arrgghh don't do that to my heart, dude


      If MH is becoming read-only hosted on the new community we will still be able to access the DL section, right?

  3. Zeus

    *looks at own post count* *laughs*
  4. Truly unbelievable. Makes you wonder about the things we don't know that are going on daily.
  5. Zeus

    You gotta be fucking JOKING ME NO
  6. Zeus

    Been listening to the new single and I think I'm warming up to the title track, but I don't like what they did with the production this time. They can just never get this right. It makes me think they do this on purpose.
  7. what ever happened to that guitarist from GALEYD?

    1. Jigsaw9


      He ga' leyd off.... :^)


      But srsly, good question. Last info I can see is that he's been playing support for KAMIJO live. He should start a new band tho, he's amazingly talented.


      edit: I just checked, his last tweet is almost 2 years old, oof.

    2. Spectralion


      Maybe become KAMIJO's support is way more financially stable than starting his own band

  8. Nothing! That's why I don't understand why the band changed a perfectly good thing.
  9. I'm not really feeling either track. Five listens in on Ochita and I can barely remember it. Definitely do not like what they did to my boi CLEVER SLEAZOID. I wanted a rerecording not a remake. Maybe the tracks will grow on me with time.
  10. Zeus

    Not for most songs. There's some stuff on the last.fm radio I think you can play but that's it.
  11. Zeus

    I'm amazed this topic made it to 458 pages without the forum crapping out!
  12. Zeus

    that's one hell of a story
  13. The crossfade mix sounds promising!
  14. Zeus

    This is a decision that the entire team stands behind secret, so your point is moot. You have been pushing the envelope time and time again with your topics and it's had more than it's fair share of negative effects on the forum. We've made it clear that political chat is not allowed on this forum, and that includes your all lives matter banner. A ban is a ban and you have to respect it.
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