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  1. sangan

    Yabai (cool, dangerous)
  2. sangan

    Great!! Looking forward for it
  3. sangan

  4. sangan

  5. sangan

    beaf steak with rice
  6. sangan

    Some old school vk
  7. What's the cheapest and reliable mercari proxy nowadays?
  8. sangan

    I love soulseek, it's a great network to find music not easy to to found on other sites
  9. I have facebook, twitter, instagram and last.fm. I'm mostly on twitter tho
  10. sangan

    I'm usually on PS4, but also on PC
  11. I think I'm ISTP-T, made an online test time ago
  12. Backdrop Cinderella is great and funny!
  13. sangan

    Thanks again! MCM forever!
  14. sangan

    Great! I love AA=, I wish THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS reform someday
  15. sangan

    Thank you! THE NOMBEMBERS is one of the most interesting japanese acts nowadays
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