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  1. Azaeroe

    Those people from the car park are never going to come back.
  2. Azaeroe

    Really hope I manage to land this job.
  3. Azaeroe

    I feel like I am being lacerated by many metal strings, which slowly form an all-body clown suit, called the underwater butterfly cage.
  4. Azaeroe

    Just dunked several custard creams in milk, then ate them.
  5. Azaeroe

    Planning on working in an internet café. Also picked up a moleskine, and started drawing eyes.
  6. Azaeroe

    Love the way you're acting like some kind of motherly figure now, Suji. Please do go on. You evidently know so much about me.
  7. Azaeroe

    Please do tell, old chap.
  8. Azaeroe

    There is no such thing as a "shy" girl. Are you out of your mind or just completely blind?
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