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  1. Kiyoharu is God

    Member leaves band after 23 years and retires from music and instead of people lamenting that it's just a bunch of shit posts trashing him and the band. I don't get it... Well, actually I kinda do since some of you are a gimmick/act at this point. Just way too damn negative. Anyway... Surreal news because I was listening to their earlier stuff like 2 days ago and looking at their earlier photo shoots and those really young pics of them in the AISHUU booklet and thought to myself holy shit these guys have longevity. I was appreciating how they've stuck together over the years and then I wake up to this news today. What a coincidence. 2020 has been wild between Kenichi leaving Merry, Ryo leaving Baroque and retiring from music, and now this latest succession and retirement... Like, what is he going to do now? I'm surprised he's leaving music entirely. https://musicbrainz.org/artist/d293c00d-015d-4aae-9b76-b5754c63f6d3/works He composed some pretty great songs: KINSENKA, NUKEGARA, MEDIA NO JUUSEI, REQUIEM, MAE E, HOTARU etc...
  2. Kiyoharu is God

    Love this mini album. May go down as my favorite release from them.
  3. Kiyoharu is God

    Very exciting news. I don't think Tatsu is going to get carried away,lol... I mean as long as the shredding follows a melody like in the old days it should be fine. For example, like on (You Can't) Be Like Me.
  4. They have released a new EP called 赤い花・青い花 EP (AKAI HANA・AOI HANA EP) on 9/16. It's available at Kinocko Hotel official mail order and Disk Union stores. 【SONGS】 1.赤い花・青い花 (AKAI HANA・AOI HANA) 2.銀色モノクローム (GIN-IRO MONOCHROME) 3.マリリン・モンロー・ノー・リターン (MARILYN・MONROE・NO・RETURN) * Includes a virus-removing towel. 1,980 yen (tax included) https://www.kinocohotel.info/posts/10307535
  5. Kiyoharu is God

    Man... What the hell was that? His solo output was solid ~ really good up to 2008. The '90s trip-hop stuff was excellent. Everything after the '08 best of album has been... Bad. He insists on using English for some reason while he hasn't shown much improvement in that area in terms of pronunciation. So neither English nor Japanese speaking fans can understand him. And the music in this track is just the most generic/bland butt rock... It's like something you would hear in an ad for Appelebees or Lowe's.
  6. http://pigmy.jp/news/997/ Ryo is retiring from music. So, Kei has decided to suspend the band activities. They are cancelling all remaining dates of their 「BAROQUE TOUR SAINTS OR SINNERS」 tour. There's a lengthy message from Ryo detailing his reasons for retiring. It seems to be that he's both tired physically and mentally of performing. If someone wants to get into more detail go ahead. This is a major bummer as he's become one of my favorite vocalists since giving BAROQUE a shot a few years ago. I've loved their music. In other news, Kei announced a new solo album last week so he'll be continuing as a musician.
  7. He has released “Holy Nights” Lockdown 2020 Acoustic EP https://miyavi.lnk.to/hn_ld2020IB
  8. Kiyoharu is God

    Samples have been released. チャラン・ポ・ランタン cover seems to be the most interesting of the vocal covers in terms of experimentation.
  9. Finally got around to listening to this single. Liked it a lot. Also, track 4 Bedlam WA YUUENCHI has bits of Luna Sea's SLAVE in it?
  10. Kiyoharu is God

    Yeah that's a good line up. Weird video though... I was hearing Black Market Blues and thinking to myself holy crap I never noticed how close the vocalist of a flood of circle sounds to Takuro. And then THE BACK HORN one didn't make sense either. And it wasn't until チャラン・ポ・ランタン popped up that I realized they were just playing the band's old recordings alongside the artist images rather than the covers. lol
  11. Kiyoharu is God

    I don't get it, what's your point? That's an album. By definition. You're free to complain that you would rather have an entire album of original compositions, but you can't pretend that this isn't an album because it has covers. Btw, I didn't mention earlier that I'm excited about this release. I listen to all those musicians/acts regularly except for Pay money To my Pain (guess I'll give them another look) so this release will be extra neat.
  12. Kiyoharu is God

    Saw the title and became really excited & happy. Clicked the thread to be met with mild disappointment. Just a little because of no Kouichi who I miss being active, but the news is still awesome. The live footage in the tweet is really good. Yow-May still sounds great and the band sounds great as well.
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