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  1. whitegrey

    newest one by edawakare. They've released their 2nd EP in june, seems like I missed it back then... first half is pretty slow but picks up later and is totally worth the wait. A really really nice track totally down my lane!
  2. whitegrey

    onomatopel ... a small alt-pop duo I just stumbled upon; with a really cute piece this time. sounds a lot like classic shibuya-kei with some pico-pop added to the mix. It's pure sugar but I like it.
  3. whitegrey

    random *this thread must not die!* push... shoebills... slow build up with post rock finish, nice keyboard presence and male vocals fitting the music... nothing groundbreaking but I can dig it.
  4. happy birthday :tw_blush:

  5. Holy shizzle - Boris at it again! :o Bildschirmfoto_2017_06_16_um_15_36_56.pn

  6. do you still have an invite for JPS? i want...

    1. returnal


      *slides through* if they don't appear soon i have one as well!

  7. The new Foo Fighters MV is way nice! :D 


    1. nullmoon


      This is amazing!! :D

  8. Oh, Japan... You still don't fail to surprise me after so many years! <3 http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2017/05/30/keiko-otsuhata-pigeon-hato-heels/

  9. whitegrey

    Just noticed Odile will release their debut album 'WARMDUSCHER' (xD if you know the german meaning) with 10 tracks on Zankyo at 12th of july No PV's as of yet, and no full song samples, only two previews (Zankyo YT & Soundcloud) - but from judging those I guess it will be something I can dig. Official web: https://odile.themedia.jp/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-956643704
  10. Best LEGO-car crash-test ever just went online! And the chosen music -> just perfect! *__* 


  11. New BORIS UK+EU Tour in August! Wheee! *__* 18557040_1549273785105927_83559002055710

  12. whitegrey

    Aaaand EU-Tour with the new Album announced already^^ F*** YEAH!!! *___*
  13. Best random Japanese wtf-thingie I found on the web today! ^^ http://nurse-web.jp/photo/

  14. whitegrey

    Daemon & Airdrie - China Shop I'm stuck on a loop with this one today... It's just beautiful!
  15. TsuShiMaMiRe concert today was perfect! Better then expected^^ Not my pic but proof enough (Yayoi bass playing style xD) -> 


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