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  1. returnal

    this sounds phenomenal as well! yeah they're great! my fave releases of theirs are 異 (Different) and 果樹園の化け物 / Cypress motion. both used to be available on streaming and itunes and whatnot, but apparently only the former is now. should share 'em sometime, don't seem to be on here
  2. returnal

    wow shit! i missed the hell out of these guys. still got the bangers and for a good cause, mad respect
  3. CHIC BOY got themselves a (uncredited) picture in the New York Times for all the wrong reasons https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/world/asia/japan-coronavirus.html

    Even at one of the Osaka clubs where the outbreak occurred earlier this month, a group of 40 young women attended a performance by a boy band on Wednesday, jumping and waving their hands in a small, unventilated space for close to two hours.

    1. Tokage


      fact: coronavirus was a targeted attack on vk fans worldwide that spiraled out of control

  4. returnal

    斎可李會 the joke is it's "cyberia" with obscurant kanji readings
  5. returnal

    cover better be pure white hex code #FFFFFF or it's not valid
  6. returnal

    oh right! Ian Martin's Quit Your Band! is pretty great too. he also did a list of recommended books on the same subject, Japrocksampler and Dokkiri of which are included https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2016/11/27/music/reading-list-japans-music-scene/#.XTlUOJNKho5
  7. returnal

    Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 A History and Guide is close, but either way really quite essential; Public Bath Press in general. they're only available physically, not digitally FWIW.
  8. returnal

    if a release has an info sticker on the shrinkwrap as opposed to an obi, i do the same thing!
  9. returnal

    omg yes street of alice demo is great and the original version of aliene ma'riage's endless is like... perfect
  10. returnal

    love 'em too, definitely always keep them. not obsessive about only getting old releases only w/ them, but i definitely like how they just... tie everything together.
  11. returnal

    Savage by Ove is just an intro and two songs but has an unimaginable amount of depth to it. it'll never get old.
  12. returnal

    took long enough for this germ to go
  13. returnal

    i don't play it but arjuna has been my husband for like, three years now
  14. Hitoritopia / World End Tree remake album with their new member?
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