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  1. Did we ever hear anything more about that ballad best album they were supposed to be releasing this month?
  2. Never listened to these guys before, sounds kinda interesting. Might have to check this out
  3. johnesh

    It's really good!
  4. johnesh

    Any more news about that ballad best album that's meant to be coming out this month?
  5. They might make some money if they actually recorded a f***ing album instead of a million singles
  6. Wow, this sounds really good!
  7. johnesh

    They can try to dress up their b-sides as separate singles, but I'm not buying it and neither should anyone else
  8. johnesh

    Yeah, but it's not "four new singles", is it. It's one.
  9. johnesh

    That does sound really nice
  10. Dammit, I knew I should have ordered that special edition of the EP
  11. 10 Rebuild is not on Spotify, not so far as I can see anyway
  12. Winter begins this year on Dec 21st... is it a Christmas album?
  13. johnesh

    You're f***ing kidding me! This is amazing news – maybe at long, long last, after what feels like a million singles, we will finally get that second full-length album we've been waiting literally years for. I wonder what label they've signed to. It's a really good sign that VK bands can still get a major deal in this day and age, I was beginning to think those days were gone.
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