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  1. Punk

    Coming soon gastunk new album
  2. Punk

    Yes pioneer in vk darksound
  3. It band reached their creativity limit its the reason
  4. Punk

    He look old now same with kozi 50 years
  5. Punk

    Blood the pioner band in play out of japan
  6. Punk

    They collaborated with kamaitachi members
  7. Punk

    The last lareine singles were amazing one cool evolution but yeah was late them
  8. Punk

    Jack spooky was a deadman Roadie
  9. Punk

  10. Punk

    @spolochon i said that gackt is a people dont need he check the overseas market he could be without problem a japanese status quo only japan The stupid guys that defend the bad strategies to overseas japanese expantion in theory re almost the same that defend the oppressor . When its almost in ourselves benefits
  11. Punk

    @spolochon which were our responsability ??? its a shit as usual the japanese embassy only think in to export just his traditional culture . Btw i saw the gackt declaration about it and the someones comments saying shit about on the social conscience of gackt on these matters a successful person who could perfectly ignore this situation because it has its market in Japan. Holy shit peoples as if pay high rates for items was really cool to them Everypeoples that put money from our pocket to do it run need one prize
  12. Punk

    About his english the responsability is the poor education in schools goverment took english education like a hobby when its a social tool.
  13. Punk

    Someones pvs came to my mind Malice mizer garnet Decameron stay with me Color sangbage baby Versailles revenaint choir D schwarzchild
  14. Punk

    I believe the things that make vk music is basically the shops , type of aestethic language labels too. To you reply nothing althought the sound of someones solo riffs are very japanese .
  15. Punk

    Guniw tools Looser sugar sounds a hell of a lot like:
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