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  1. geist

    235 fucking pages of some of the cringiest arguments the internet has ever seen. I'm glad to have been apart of it.
  2. geist

    Man, and I thought trying to get old X Japan LP's for a reasonable price was a pain in the ass.
  3. geist

    About 1/2 of 1 cent is made for each song streamed on Spotify, which is then split every which way between the label and everyone else. I'm not even sure if the band would receive a cut or not. Based on their average views, they make about $4/month on the ambient collection. And again, how much of that $4 are the members even receiving? One hell of a "cashgrab".
  4. geist

    I forgot exactly how bad Vanitas was until I re-listened to it and almost threw up. I was in the car this morning, on my way to work, and 12012's "Suicide" came on. It was a nice drive. I laughed, mocked the song for being terrible, and reminisced how bad 12012 had gotten by the end. Little did I know I would be re-listening to Vanitas today, an album so atrocious I legitimately forgot it existed. God damn. Please no one take this personally, it's just my subjective opinion on music; but NEGA deserve to be wiped from the history books. Their CD's should be burned, live albums sent to a landfill, and let's just forget this ever happened.
  5. geist

    you forgot about "mixing", we can't leave that out.
  6. geist

    Here's a pretty good example. Kiss's first album: The follow-up album: Hotter Than Hell is a good album as far as Kiss goes; but it sounds like dogshit compared to their debut. The Producer, Richie Wise, took responsibility for the "sub-par sonics".
  7. geist

    Correct, I believe drummers refer to it as a "trash crash" because of the holes cut into it and how the sound is altered as a result -- which can veer towards a sort-of "white noise" sound depending on its design. I was mistaken and thought the shadow cast by the cymbal was another cymbal. Otherwise, yes, it's the cymbal and synth presumably causing that sound.
  8. geist

    I'm surprised no one here has gone digging for the Audience recordings yet to find out exactly what's going on. It appears to be a combination of Shinya hitting two cymbals at once (crash and something else) in addition to the synth. The Live in question: Live from Cleveland on the same tour with a better view of Shinya:
  9. geist

    Needless pedantry tbh. When laymen say "Production", they are not referring to the sole process of recording tracks. That's just disconnected from how people talk. Furthermore, "production" -- the assembly -- of the product can be as loose or strict as you want it to be in a given context (i.e. a modern record producer and their role in music production).
  10. Well, at least Celebrate Empty Howls is a complete song. Devote My Life takes one idea and just runs with it. Of all the songs on The Insulated World, that’s the one that needs to go.
  11. Great single. Unconventional in ways; but in the grand scheme of things it's in-line with their current output and I'm digging the hell out of it, including that soul-crushing breakdown near the end. But, the mixing bothers me. Kyo's vocals are a little high (as always) and at first glance -- the levels suddenly spike near the end, it felt like a noticeable jump in volume; but I could just be hearing things. Clever Sleazoid is weird. I miss the original intro; but it's still very good with some noticeable harmonic interplay between Kaoru and Die.
  12. Kaoru averting his eyes like “not this shit again”. He’s been watching too many Tim Burton movies during quarantine. The Beetlejuice vibes are lit.
  13. Kaoru, stop trying to turn me on like this at work. It's so inappropriate. This half-time chugging stuff they've been doing lately (also with ningen o kaburu) is my shit. What do the kids say, nowadays? "I fuck with this"? The instrumentals are great, and Kyo sounds old when he tries to do the falsettos now. I can't wait for the full single.
  14. It's different, and interesting. Ranunculus has a strong main theme, so it's interesting to hear it used in this ambient, easy-listening, context. I just wish they kept it in its original form and didn't separate it into 37 separate tracks. I mean, we're getting into the more obsessive aspects of fandom; but I would enjoy if they released more tracks like these. They must have a whole catalog of intros and outros they've used over the years so it would be cool if they were to release them as some sort of supplement, or standalone feature like on streaming sites as they did here.
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