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  1. EvilHippy

    New single this spring
  2. EvilHippy

    Well, they had 6 gigs in there (according to setlist.fm). And most of them were in 1997. That's why I thought that maybe they would make some kind of documentary movie (for their approaching 25 year anniversary) Although, they may shot something just for this screening (which would be a bit lame, but eh,at least something).
  3. EvilHippy

    Oh. ... True. Hm. But can it be some kind of documentary show? With involving some old footage from 90s? I dunno, it just feels weird to announce screening without announcing the concert there (if they had one in a first place).
  4. EvilHippy

    That's sad... Though, that'll be some new material at least. Could you send a link of this article, please?
  5. EvilHippy

    https://direngrey.co.jp/lang_en/news/3326/ So, uh, yeah. Another concert film screening. And, according to setlist.fm, they had 6 shows in Meguro Rock-May-Kan GIG. One in 2009, one in 1999 and 4 in 1997. So, uh... @Seelentau, maybe now they´ll show some old archive footage? EDIT. Also. It seems weirdly timed since Kaoru´s T-shirt for cancelled Sogai tour also had a setlist from Rock-May-Kan GIG concert (June 14th one)
  6. Despite not digging most of FED discography, I still felt bad for Keita when they disbanded due to Leda´s commitment problem. Hope he´ll achieve something by going solo.
  7. EvilHippy

    It wasn´t finished yet. https://thepriceofbeingaroseisloneliness.tumblr.com/post/629503238336659456/kaorutoshiya-interview-burrn-october-2020-12
  8. So, I have no prior experience with Mejibray or 8p-sb, so I can only judge this song from musical point. It is listenable and salvageable. Just change the chorus. But why did he put that ultrasound? It ruins the song.
  9. EvilHippy

    It´s Alive and Arrive portmanteau https://kyotakumrau.tumblr.com/post/636580057987629056/hazuki-twitter#disqus_thread
  10. Despite these demos/tapes being limited? Like, it started with Adoratio. Audio video collection, probably limited blah blah. And then, then announced they're gonna sell Anima, Adoratio and Inifintum through Galaxy Broad Shop, and only first CD (so no video footage). And it was cheaper, iirc.
  11. EvilHippy

    I guess they'll announce single (maybe album as well) after the first/last screening of The World We Live In in Japan.
  12. EvilHippy

    I agree with you.
  13. https://kyotakumrau.tumblr.com/post/635815331070410752/sukekiyo-eng-ohp-20201126-details-about#disqus_thread Wait. So, if you buy complete set - you also get CD with completed versions of these 3 tracks? What an asinine way of selling them.
  14. EvilHippy

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9pkpp8ggx9kftye/AACov86Jajviku9ZM6FQjr1ta?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR2NKzGy1Z9jc1pRFTtqGhrCo_CDhgyO_-PIyGaopWarqbt6bYPbrFQGaSQ&preview=sukekiyo+-+demo+tape+2020.mp3 Apparently, someone ripped demos of new tapes from sukekiyo's blog?
  15. EvilHippy

    They gonna show castrated Arche at Nippon Budokan show.
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