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  1. Karma’s Hat

    what's up everybody -----
  2. Karma’s Hat

    How could I forget By the way, the ghost lady has since moved on from weebism to having a similar, obsessive relationship with one particular slavic culture (don't ask how I found that out)
  3. Karma’s Hat

    There was too much to mention. Something almost every day. Some people have screencaps, but unfortunately I've lost every one I had, having changed computers a few times.
  4. Karma’s Hat

    It's a been a long ride. I've been on here for 11 years, close to 12. Everything has to come to an end and I honestly can't say where I would be without this place. Without any hesitation I can say that Monochrome Heaven, or Tainted World as it was when I first joined, changed my life. I'm genuinely curious how that makes people like Zess and Ito feel that they've had such a significant impact on a person's life just by making this place and running for all these years. The current trajectory on which my life is on was set by all the friendships I've made in this place over the years, and through everything I went through this place was a constant companion. Zess, Bear/Sumostig, Junna, Shizu, Whirlingblack especially have been significant to me and I'm grateful. Who knows how deep I'd be in normiedom without these people influencing my taste in the way they did. If it wasn't Christmas with the family I wasn't as tipsy as I was, I'd probably have a whole lot more to say about this than I do now. Me and Whirlingblack started really hanging out proper in the beginning of 2017 when I decided to just bail Finland. I stayed at his place for some time and I don't remember what we did together, but what I do know for sure is that it was the kind of debauchery what we would we doing together and independently to this day. Shizu is another person that by his existence has assured me I'm first of all not entirely alone in world with my tastes and interests. But it wasn't just the few people that one stuck around with all these years that made the place, but also all the characters that've come and gone over the years. There is so much stuff to dig out of the annals of monochrome heaven and tainted world that in my case it'd be a book. What the new people on here don't know, is that this place had a tremendously active chat back in the days that was integrated into the website. Almost every was there at one point, and during its heydays absolutely nothing was going on my life, so I was there almost every minute or every single day. In my country you have to take dancing lessons for the prom for like six months, and in 2012 when I went through that thing most of that time I'd be giving live status updates throughout the whole experience. Before and after I'd be sitting in Mcdonald's drinking coffee and it became a running joke that I was always online, always people watching in Mcdonald's. Probably some of my best memories from the board are from the chat years. Shoutout to everyone who was there to experience it So much stuff has happened on this board that new people have no idea, because so much has been lost to chat logs, private messages and purges over the years. The forum as it stands rn is only a tiny fraction of all that had taken place. I'm too drunk right now to remember any of this stuff, but it means so much to me and I'll cherish all of these memories forever. Here is some of people I've met irl over the years from here in a random order wb, marcus, jigsaw, shizu, saltofstones, allisapp, panda, pretsy, hyura, slsr, stylelover, 237q, gaz, tokage and many, many others I've met for a minute or two during gigs. I proofread none of this Those who don't have me anywhere can follow me either on here https://twitter.com/SoderlundAleksi or just add me on fb Aleksi Söderlund Everyone who I've shared this place with. I love you all. Good bye and thanks for the memories, all those i've laughed or fought with.
  5. Karma’s Hat

    Most of the uploads on MH have already been dead for a while, and I guess this applies to the blogspots as well. I got used to it. Now you can find all the normiecore + some more from Jpopsuki and I appreciate that they got FLACs of all the essentials. The canon will be there for everyone to have, but the ultra rarez will now once more return to those who bought them and their friends. It's probably coming from a position privilege in this matter, but I don't mind that this shit isn't available for all the noobs to consume.
  6. this is like if one of those people from south america who post selfies on the visual kei fb group made a PV
  7. Karma’s Hat

    hearing music like this in 2020 got me like
  8. Karma’s Hat

    I just checked all the likes for their premi-ere-um live on twitter, and it's all vk-inclined Japanese people and weebs. Those mythical math rock fans were not present, so I guess they don't use twitter—or they could be off-the-grid too, so to speak, because they don't seem to play DIMLIM much on Spotify either, since all the artists that "the fans of this band like" are vk bands. Maybe the stats haven't updated yet idk Lets brought this on himself with his complete lack of self-awareness and people skills. Their fans started making fun of them for not having a bassist only because Lets is doing his best to pretend that it's not an issue. One tweet going "we're looking for a new bassist please be patient kittekudasai and sunimaseenn" and no one would mention it ever again. Under normal circumstances I would have no sympathy for entitled gya either, but Lets should be aware that if you get backlash for something from the people you depend on, the solution is not to double down on everything that got you the backlash in the first place while blocking people left, right and center. I don't have anything against such an abrasive outsider art approach to PR either, but it's obvious that they still rely on those fans to even have a career. It's indisputable that all the people who bought their tickets in America are weebs and I won't listen to anything saying otherwise. If he just made one self-deprecating tweet about this whole thing then it would all be over and people would stop shitting on them and go on waiting for new music, but no, Lets is his own biggest mark and he'll instead focus on the E S S E N C E, which is biting the hand that feeds you. People didn't shit on Yeti when Emiru moved on to play indie rock for a non-vk crowd. If they didn't do this shit and have their one-member street team here, then this topic would be dead. Now people are just enjoying the ride before it crashes.
  9. Karma’s Hat

    hey dweeb stop lurking and pay royalties for using us in your video mr big time youtuber man
  10. The vocal melody and the way he performs it sounds like it could be from an unreleased, late-Mejibray song. The problem is that he is 1. in his shitty apartment, filming this with the same web camera he does vlogs with 2. he probably produced it himself 3. the most he could invest in a look was a suit rental, or just using the one his mom bought for him for a relative's funeral back in 2004 4. he is already sending sms to his mitsu, telling them to wire him more money for ramen or otherwise he isn't going to do this when you have such a rinky-dink start to your new project, I'm not holding out any hopes. he is my favorite bandman of the 2010's but after the 8P-SB i just can't let myself be emotionally invested anymore. now, not having a budget is not a problem... if this was a genre with some idk artistic ambition and integrity such, and not the polar opposite, which is vk. it's been a long time since we had bands like ruellia and mercuro that went on without any production values with sheer vision and T A L E N T. this isn't going to be one of those
  11. Karma’s Hat

    This sounds like... the logical thing to do.
  12. Karma’s Hat

    retsu's lil peep influence is the vkei trap crossover nobody asked for
  13. Karma’s Hat

    You're probably referring to the vocal melody in the chorus? Yeah, if I was a betting man, and considering their track record of taking stuff from Chelsea Grin, BMTH etc. I'd say the probably reworked it for this one. That'd be a huge improvement on their part since they weren't so subtle in the past, lol.
  14. Karma’s Hat

    One of these days I'll actually go over this band with attention. Just listened to the white pv, and they definitely do set themselves apart from all the others that are doing similar stuff
  15. This is a massacre. Sana, Satsuki and HITT influence in tangible. Ukraine tour when?
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