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  1. ぺるしゃ猫

    Yup you cracked the code
  2. ぺるしゃ猫

    All the memebers used to be in SHEDIA then switched their name and concept, and eventually their label.
  3. ぺるしゃ猫

    Rumours and saying IIIRD have the same members but we don’t know which members they are
  4. ぺるしゃ猫

    I tried to get tickets for this and lost 40 times lmao I hate their label
  5. KRAD's last live is on Feb 1st ;_;

    1. suji


      wut??? are they disbanding?!

    2. Shir0
  6. Next live is mamireta/krad session live at midnight on the 14th/15thLOL
    Then their oneman on the 16th ;w;

  7. ぺるしゃ猫

    I'm gonna like this band more than Morphine... I love Bloom bands!!!!
  8. ぺるしゃ猫

    Nah Mamireta is the only thing FORUM/PUNCH makes money from, so I doubt they will be allowed to disband.
  9. FIRST OF ALL Can I just say that I'm super excited for KRAD's Halloween live? :D

  10. Today is KRAD at AREA but I really don't like any of the other bands so I'm pissed lol I have to wait 2 hours to see KRAD after the live starts

  11. Yuuga most definitely did that, I literally saw him pop off at 2 guys in the middle of a DK live a few months ago.
  12. KRAD live today and tomorrow. I have work tomorrow but I hope I can make it because Danger Gang is playing and I haven't seen them in 3 years

  13. ぺるしゃ猫

    Sou from KRAD ex-SHEDIA Is the best vocalist OF ALL TIME (to me :3)
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