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  1. Seem's very typical and idk it misses 'something', instrumental is ok on this single but idk...
  2. AwakenNightmare

  3. AwakenNightmare

    Same feelings, anyway there's a lot of Karen's out-there, sometimes at work i heard people speaking about 'boomer things' and i don't even understand wth they're speaking about, maybe i'm becoming old...just thinking about it...
  4. AwakenNightmare

    Yeah, i really feeled Art of Life when it come out, that made me take a liking to long songs, i remember singing to it over and over again. ME&YE is the song i dedicated to my gf in our 7th (this year) anniversary when i asked her to marry me :3.
  5. AwakenNightmare

    From X my fav are; Endless Rain Rose of Pain Phantom of Guilt I'll Kill You Kurenai ( from Vanishing Vision ) Art of Life, specially the Third Section and the Piano Part From BT; Gensou No Hana Rendevouz GALAXY MY EYES & YOUR EYES Dress Kuchizuke and many more...
  6. I think they was more in the glam side than in vk...
  7. AwakenNightmare

    Hi , Well it's not my first intro to a forum but...I'm kindda new around here (i was a lurker for sometime hahaha.) my history is pretty far simple, I was away from VK scene (specially of the Eroguro) for some years because I moved into metal and metalcore as an 'vocalist' in a band i was into before if we can call it that way haha I was working doing reviews for some bands of different metal genre too, so I'm here coming back to the ship many years after, haha, due to the Quarantine and some professional things, I decided to immerse again into the VK and stuff like that so.. that's it, just trying to join again & recover all the missing time since i leaved this awesome world. bands that I use to hear was: XJAPAN, Plastic Tree, deadman, VAMPS, Crossfaith, Dir En Grey, BUCK-TICK, HYDE, Versailles, The GazettE, NIGHTMARE, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Yousei Teikoku..and many others, i used to sing a lot all of them every single day before leaving the VK... Recently I'm hearing bands like Sacrifice, DEVILOOF, ViViD, CLOWN or DIMLIM and they call my attention, so I'm open to any suggestion or band recommendation you cans say to me.
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