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  1. TheTrendkiller

    Because it's not out? They'll probably release it with the next MV DVD
  2. TheTrendkiller

    I guess I have heard one too many shitty western J-Rock bands. So pleasantly surprised it was neither J-Rock nor shit.
  3. TheTrendkiller

    Yeah at 10:10 there's a screenshot of your comment in this thread
  4. TheTrendkiller

    @Seelentau even gets airtime in this lmao
  5. TheTrendkiller

    I expected this to suck but it's actually pretty damn good. Big thumbs up
  6. TheTrendkiller

    I played as a guitarist in different bands since I was about 13 years old. When I was around 20 I used to be in a western J-Rock band for a couple of years. We played a few dozen shows, wrote around 20 songs and released an EP during that time. After we broke up, I formed an electro-metalcore band which was around for 5 years, playing shows and releasing a few CD's before eventually breaking up. Now I am basically a little burned out and fed up from the whole "band" lifestyle, the constant rehearsals and playing in front of little to no people. Playing and writing music was always a good outlet for me to balance my mind. Instead, these days I mostly focus on working out and increasing my obsession with Dir en grey.
  7. TheTrendkiller

    Nice find. Let us know what's on there once you get it!
  8. TheTrendkiller

    I always thought the Ambient Collection was just an experiment by Kaoru. I doubt the management has anything to do with it.
  9. TheTrendkiller

    I actually think they just want to separate this experimental project from the official releases of the band. Maybe they don't want to risk their Spotify account by this farming. Maybe they want sperated analysis of their revenue stream. Not sure how good the Spotify revenue analytics system is.
  10. TheTrendkiller

    I wish I had friends
  11. TheTrendkiller

    I did a quick google search and this came up Kyô -> Nishimura Hironori (in Japanese 西村 宏則) Toshiya -> Hara Toshimasa (in Japanese 原 敏政) Kaoru -> Niikura Kaoru (in Japanese 新倉 薫) Die -> Andô Masaru (in Japanese 安東 大) Shinya -> Terachi Shinya (in Japanese 寺地 晋也)
  12. TheTrendkiller

    I guess they really like slow melodramatic ballads, huh? I mean, it's a good song but it's basically Obscurial Pt.2 I was hoping for something a little different than what we already heard from them. We know they can do slow and they can do fast songs.... why not try a slightly shorter and medium tempo track next. Anyway, maybe it's just me 🤪 The song is still very good for what it is. I really like his voice and the overall atmosphere. Also the guitar solo is very flashy and a nice contrast to the slow pace. Looking forward to more. Thumbs up 👍
  13. TheTrendkiller

    Imo Arche is probably the worst recording in their catalogue. I can't handle all the reverb that make it sound like they're playing in a church. Shinya's snare is ear wrecking. They even managed to top DSS in terms of bad recording/mixing/production/whatever. Compared to Arche I feel like TIW is very well done, especially for the metalcore-ish sound that they were going for. It's not great but it definitely can hold up against other bands in the same range of music
  14. TheTrendkiller

    Wish they chose a different song title but oh well, I'm still stoked to see what's coming next
  15. TheTrendkiller

    What's wrong with the original recording?
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