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  1. emmny

    I think I have such low standards for vk now that I actually like this
  2. Happy to know chanty are still alive AS THIS WORLD ERUPTS INTO FLAMESSSS
  3. emmny

    💔 i wish i could live in the past timeline before last.fm went to shit 💔
  4. emmny

    why people still have questions about last.fm is the bigger question here
  5. Happy birthday brothaaaaa

    1. Jigsaw9


      ayyyy sankyuu~

  6. emmny

    Depends on why you were drawn to certain bands in the first place. I was into indie rock, alt rock, and death/black metal before I was a vk fan, so that coloured my taste in bands (nagoya kei + DEG), once [most] of those bands became inactive, I went back to the indie and alt rock I liked before. I'm sure if someone got into the scene with DIV or some cute oshare shit, that Kpop wouldn't be too far off from that sound. Kinda depends on ideology too--if you're an oshare fan BUT you're a weeb--you'll stay into that; whereas if you were into vk for the cute boys, kpop is the next logical step lol.
  7. Now the COVID is gonna kill us all can someone up amber gris and moran's last lives ❤️ thank u for letting me die happy

  8. emmny

  9. emmny

    psycho na bansan vibes good track though!
  10. emmny

    Related to this, I wonder if there's any bands that actually had good production (i.e., not compressed to death "hi-fi", not poorly recorded). The early-mid 2000s stand out in my opinion for vk production (indies and major)...then the loudness war swept vk LOL
  11. can't tell much from the production but this is a great lineup and I'm hype
  12. emmny

    initial'L are the worst band ever in all of vkei
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