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  1. Yuta will leave Karasu after their oneman on 12/18. The band will continue as a 4-member band. No reason has been given (yet).
  2. xLIZ4

    Ikr... I'm actually going to their oneman next week... Very curious how it'll be.
  3. xLIZ4

    I already unfollowed them again lol
  4. That's actually the point. They CAN play live, but they're among the very few bands who decided not to play. Check the venues' schedules and you'll see lives planned almost every day. Been like that for some months already. Most bands have actually been very active while their budget is probably smaller than Kizu's.
  5. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 11/30 → ヴィルシーナ(verxina) 12/10 → 仮病(kebyo): Christmas oneman 12/16 → SARIGIA/仮病(kebyo)/リブラヴェル(libravel)/ミスイ(misui)/キラワレモノ(kirawaremono)
  6. I live in Tokyo and literally every single band is struggling. Yet most other bands seem to try much harder than Kizu, using this time to record new singles, do online lives and "instore" events and continuing the smaller lives with the measurements. And that without complaining and blackmailing. I'll be seeing DEZERT this month and they have very strict rules such as ID and address checking, no merch sales (only online) and a seat number on your ticket. This on top of the general temperature check, mask and social distance rules that already apply everywhere. All the smaller bands I follow seem to be pretty creative instead of giving up too.
  7. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 10/25 → 仮病(kebyo) 11/3 → DEXCORE vs NAZARE
  8. Yeah I received it. But I still think that the lack of info and/or any posts about it for a long time was bad service. I saw Japanese fans kind of complaining too.
  9. Ugh people actually still supporting this guy
  10. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 9/19 → SARIGIA/鴉-カラス-(karasu)/CHOKE/BRAY KiD BREAK iT/UNDER FALL JUSTICE/DAMILA/ヒッチコック(hitchcock)/デラシネ(Déraciné)
  11. That it takes time is not even the problem, I can understand that. I live in Japan and many things are postponed, but bands inform their fans about that. Usually when bands do this pre-order thing, they do write an estimate date like for example "by the end of September". Now there's literally nothing. No estimate date, no reply to my email, no posts on Twitter since 8/17. Especially the latter is very strange imo for a band (VK bands are usually active on Twitter) that has a new release.
  12. Did anyone else reserve this? Like what is the release date? I paid on 8/16, but still no shipping information/confirmation and they don't reply to my message (via "contact" on their website) either.
  13. xLIZ4

    They also stopped performing any of their older songs. Any live since the Corona break has been with a complete new setlist.
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