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  1. The Moon

    certified iconic thread x
  2. my delusional king!!!!!!! take my coins!!!!!
  3. The Moon

    how sad! i never listened to them x
  4. The Moon

    India shouldn't have been in the bottom. She was brought down by Mayhem, like Trixie with Milk in The Bitchelor. The real bottom two should have been Blair and Mayhem, but given how rigged AS seasons are, I'm not surprised. I'm still entertained, but the producer riggory is so fucking obvious this season. Cracker didn't deserve that win - Jujubee was WAY funnier than her. I could even argue that Alexis could have won, which would really spread the wins around, but it seems that every season the producers pick 3 queens to push and will do anything to force the storylines. I'm tired.
  5. mucc album recs for someone who really enjoyed 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド??? they have so many lol idk where to start

    1. Seimeisen



    2. Jigsaw9


      What Seimei listed is all you'll need basically (maybe start with 是空).

  6. The Moon

  7. The Moon

    it's out x
  8. The Moon

    don't blame u tbh
  9. would love to get absolutely trashed with everybody from rands where we all mope about art and take ourselves entirely too seriously.
  10. anyone planning on recording this?? i work so idk if i'll be able to be awake lmao
  11. he actually painted these during their oneman shows..imagine seeing such talent in person. iconic.
  12. i have nothing forever ❤️❤️❤️
  13. i love how each rands release is so differnt from the last one but still so ~them~ anyway stream on spotify deers x
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