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  1. TristanRose

    yup exactly i know theres alot of people into obscure interests like visual kei who struggle with this haha im glad theres at least the internet where i can connect with others who share my interests otherwise id be all alone with this 😂 i tried bringing up visual kei to some of my friends that are into glam rock stuff because i thought they wouldnt be too weirded out by the bands looks since glam rock was pretty much almost the western equivalent to visual kei but they never show any interest i guess because the different language is an issue to them lol
  2. im sad that this forum is closing right after I finally decided to join ;~; but I joined j-rock-one so things should be okay lol my time here will obviously be short but i enjoyed the experience 😂

  3. TristanRose

    im kinda sad because I really want real life visual kei friends but nobody around here is really into it at all, most would not even know what im talking about if I mentioned the word "visual kei" 😂
  4. TristanRose

    thank you very much !! and yes its a shame that my stay here has to be brief ;~; i really been liking it here
  5. TristanRose

    currently listening to this haha
  6. TristanRose

    haha fair enough, everyone has a right to have different taste. and thank you !
  7. TristanRose

    haha yay ! and no problem i will send you a PM in a min
  8. TristanRose

    I have high functioning autism, anxiety, agoraphobia and depression.
  9. TristanRose

    and this is me with my real hair and more daily makeup style
  10. TristanRose

    my most recent pic I was feeling kote kei inspired lol
  11. TristanRose

    aw thank you i appreciate hearing that and nice you have good taste then haha
  12. TristanRose

    thank you ! you have good taste
  13. TristanRose

    I second kisaki. hes one of the worst people in vkei as a human being but I cant deny that I still love all his music phantasmagoria and syndrome still remain two of my favorite bands and I enjoy some kisaki project songs to. Dada from velvet eden could also be included hes known for doing lots of toxic crap. but yet I still will listen to velvet eden songs because some of them are just so good...especially the Kalm era
  14. TristanRose

    1 X japan 2 Malice mizer 3 D 4 Lareine 5 phantasmagoria
  15. TristanRose

    thank you ! and thats awesome haha i dont find many people that like those bands these days
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