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  1. shinganmousou

    I am sure a lot of us here have felt like this. It's not the kind of interest you can strike up a conversation about, like Marvel movies or politics. It's a hard sell to others who even have a foot in the door by being fans of rock music or fashion too. For me, that's what makes it kind of special. It's why I joined MH after lurking for a long while!
  2. shinganmousou

    COVID did it's part too 😷 Eventually they're going to have to ask themselves if they're happy making the type of music they are as DIMLIM. They had to at least once before when they decided what MISC would sound like. There's just so little left in terms of a cohesive style and it's harder to accept when the band's leader applies a strict "love-it-or-leave-it" policy to their fans. I think they're all talented (Sho and Hiroshi more than Retsu, personally) and I'd hate to see them in this state for much longer.
  3. shinganmousou

    Something in the format of "Dynamite Tommy"... so unnecessary but so impactful
  4. The way I take it is that they're measuring the public's comfort level with attending live shows now. If it's high enough, they'll start doing them again. If it's low, they'll pull back on them for a while. It does sound like pressure to any dedicated fan to show up, though. But how else are they going to tell?
  5. shinganmousou

    I don't think these January shows are happening with the pandemic ramping back up. That rescheduled Russia date came and went without a single mention. There is maybe a chance to keep it together with the Rijin/Kidoairaku sound and forget MISC. ever happened (not that it doesn't have its moments). I would also be happy with Retsu leaving and them continuing as a two-piece band just to keep it wacky and interesting.
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