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  1. zerozeroninex

    You seem to be really angry to me. Anyway I'm confused who to believe, the person who created their Wiki page or you. While Wikipedia is an all access, it's heavily edited by, well editors lol. So I'll wait if what you deleted gets written back up since no editor removed the complete Various edition for months, while the main entry of the band got edited a couple of times in the same time frame. Btw, I did go by the Wiki article, because Various disappeared before I remembered to check the tracklist. But how did you unearth the listing even after it got deleted?
  2. zerozeroninex

    For those that missed the discussion before Various disappeared from the site. Refer to page 33 of this thread .Always wrong lol.... I guessed someone missed the news lol. Sorry sleepy coffee, I just wanted to point out to an angry fan that Various was listed on Dimer.
  3. zerozeroninex

    You didn't see it on Dimer? I saw it and someone on this thread did confirm he/she saw it on the site. Wikipedia also mentions about the complete Various re-release. How the heck you missed the news?I wasn't even a member here when it was being discussed last May lol.
  4. zerozeroninex

    The band did try to re-release it. It was also supposed to be the complete Various.Or it just sold out real quick, but the longsleeve shirt that sold out is still on the site, just tagged as soldout,while Various disappeared from the site.
  5. zerozeroninex

    Cheodora (and Rijin) is in stock at Dimer Tokyo, just look for a proxy service that'll ship to your country. They did reprint or was supposed to reprint Various but it quickly disappeared from Dimer, so maybe Issei gave them a nice phonecall about reprinting albums he wrote.
  6. zerozeroninex

    Retsu posted a q and a on his IG story, most are in Japanese though bit there are a few in English, like he doesn't listen to tech death metal (which is a weird question because he had never listed a tech dm band as an influence).
  7. zerozeroninex

    I think you can order it via CDJapan's expensive proxy service lol. Edit nvm it's not available on CDJ. If it's still available in the Dimer store you can use proxy services like Tenso.
  8. zerozeroninex

    nekkechi's been attacking me eversince I joined this forum and said I'm a Dimlim fan and I like Misc.
  9. zerozeroninex

    Like I post something positive about the band and you have a couple of members trying to tell me how shitty a person Retsu is and I should hate him too, disregarding what I actually said?lol
  10. zerozeroninex

    You missed the part stans started insulting me because I disagree with the we should hate Retsu club?Or I like Misc? Discussion is fine, but if you bite,I bite back,it goes both ways right?
  11. zerozeroninex

    Says the guy who used cursed words because he disagrees with me lol. Wait it's trolling by saying I'm not into the we should hate Retsu club.So I shouldn't have my own opinion and should just join the club? I'm trolling because whatever the other guys try to fix on my brain that I should dislike Retsu, but I won't, and I get insulted because I won't hate him (btw why should I, I don't give a fuck if you dislike him, just don't fukkin force me to think like you guys do.
  12. zerozeroninex

    Too long and I'm too lazy to read it,so have fun lurking again lol.
  13. zerozeroninex

    I actually acknowledged that Retsu isn't a good businessman,he missed additional income oppurtunities by not releasing bonus le stuff to force fans to buy multiple copies of Cheodora, Rijin and Misc.
  14. zerozeroninex

    I like a almost all the songs, I only dislike To Fool. Out of the darkness, Lament, What's Up, Before it's too late,Tick Tack, Take me out,For the future are great songs that got stuck on my head. My only criticism is that Retsu should had dusted his S7G in a couple of tracks like Before and For the future instead of using his Tele on all the songs. I did before I became active on this forum, why?
  15. zerozeroninex

    How are you guys sure Retsu runs the bands official pages btw? The official pages English are actually good while Retsu's post in English on his sns is prone to grammar and spelling mistakes.Another reason I don't think he runs the pages is someone alleged that he or she got blocked by the official Twitter just by asking if they have plans to release Various digitally, but I asked the same question on Retsu's sns and he didn't block me.
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