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  1. JRD

    Find me at @nameinbiography on Twitter. Discord: JRD KTO#8970
  2. This breaks my heart and I didn't know about it until now. If you wanna keep in touch with me or see me write stupid shit; follow me @nameinbiography at Twitter. I'm gonna miss the last 14 years we had together. I answer dms and questions, I'm not mean or intimidating. Hope to see some of you guys, if not, then this is my last goodbye to you. Love you all and take care. You've all been such wonderful people over the years.

  3. http://www.full-effect.jp/information/2020/12/live20201229.php I just want full-effect stuff and 君は鋭く。 I will pay for your services and stuff if you're not going and just want to make a lot extra money, same as if you are going to this event.
    1. Axius


      O_O wow thats crazy. Id never thought is see this many cd's in one place before. 

    2. JRD


      Get ready to gag when I get my third shelf soon lol

    3. Axius
  4. It's seems like I need a third shelf and I need to re-arrange my room lmfao. I think I'm hitting close to 10k CDs, not including dupes, the question is, how the fuck is this going to fit in my room.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. VkBrutaliaN


      I kinda feel ya.

      As much as i love collecting myself there are a few things when you collection gets bigger and bigger which might be considered as "work" which kinda sucks.

      Also although i don't want to paint the devil on the wall but i guess you have copied everything to (tons of) harddrives but i would die if one or more would get screwed so the files can't be played anymore...  but anyway i leave it with that cuz otherwise i could write a whole roman about problems once your collection gets bigger etc... XD

    3. JRD


      Oh you don't even know how many backups I have lmao 3 external hard drives and my PC. That's how paranoid I am, especially because those live distros aren't going to last as long as professional print.

    4. VkBrutaliaN


      Yeah thats also why i started to copy everything to my pc and external harddrive.

      Before i just deleted everything i haven't listened to in about 6 months.

      And luckily although i had to copy quite a lot CDR when i started to rip my whole collection there was only once CDR which was fucked and it was the CD "Bring back memory" from the band LIMITED but luckily its just one song and a ballad i really don't care about. The song could be ripped but there's a constant scrachy noice throughout the whole song... quite strange... XD


      Currently i try to rip all my comment DVDR's to my PC and harddrive. i guess in about 1-2 years this new project will be finally finished.

      And there comes the next problem with collecting since my external harddrive seems to have an USB3 port or whatever it's called and my PC only USB2.

      so therefore i can transfer/copy files from my PC to my harddrive but sometimes it takes like 40 seconds just to open some files which sucks etc.

      Collecting was really an easier hobby when my collectio was WAY smaller so alone therefore i totally feel ya in every single way.

      Done with the rant!^^°

  5. Jin-Machine has so many releases my iPad has a scroll option for them. It's too insane.

    1. tetsu_sama69


      Anyone who manages to collect their entire release discography should have a placement for a world record for how massive it is.

  6. Well that ends the era of Jrockdrama/JRD. Someone else can take my mantle and run with it if you have the money.

    They make Golden Bomber masking tape. Wtf. Also got surprised with Jin-Machine rarez I didn't know existed. It's like you have to go to EVERY tour final to get a CD with unreleased songs. Some of them are really good, some of them are like them fucking being dumb. Also MiMiC loves giving me merch and chekis with MiO. It's like they know. Also MiO writes all  of their songs.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Axius


      Thank you everything you have contributed. Its sad to say but we need rarez like the ones you have in the community. Some limited live and others will forever be lost. I'm glad you were able to share some to be heard by the masses. Thank you again. 

    3. Elazmus


      Thank you for everything!! Love to hear from you again if you ever get bored or change your mind :D

    4. tetsu_sama69


      Thank for sharing your gems with us. I'm glad we're able to enjoy them! Your sharing will be missed.

  7. Countdown begins. It's been a great 10+ years giving you guys rarez and such. I know most of you really appreciate it. I love how you all collectively think I was a huge bitch when you DMed me, but got the total opposite. I'll still be here, but I won't be uploading. There's a tie for 3rd so you guys get 4 releases thing. Also if you wanted to play my guessing game, it'd be fun, and you can a list of rarez I have that you can choose from.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gaz


      thanks for everything! ❤️

      your dedicated contribution will never be forgotted and it would be definitely missed.

    3. filth_y


      Idk where do I find that game that you hint but looking at your twitter "completed BUK BUK discography" I can tell you that at least 1 release is missing (at least in the picture) :P

    4. JRD


      I found it lol

  8.  I didn't label my BUK BUK & Tensai collab CD; now I can't find it. I'm gonna murder myself.

    1. Jigsaw9


      Should have put a ................... BUKmark on it.

    2. Mamo
  9. I have about 200 something CDs to rip. I might not even finish it for months. I'm that lazy. And my schedule is hectic, so that adds in more time.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JRD


      Don't envy lol They're mostly Koteosa, Osa,  Kirakira or Kirakote bands. I do like some bands you like, so if I have releases that you don't have then sorz  >.<

    3. VkBrutaliaN


      I'm sure you have plenty releases i don't have. XD


      "I do like some bands you like" - i guess luckily it's only some. ;D

      But i gotta say i was very, VERY surprised when i found out you also liked DictavE.

      My MOST FAVORITE Vk band of all time.

    4. tetsu_sama69


      Good luck with the rips! Take as much time as you need to get what you feel needs to be done.

  10. Since my S/O decided I wasn't important today; I decided to rip some CDs. Some bands were not meant to be heard, but I found out Kiki(Mercurious, Kisnate, Hi;BRiD, POPCORE) was in Kluze and actually wrote the better of the two songs and Nobro was a terrible singer. Oh I love my Koteosa bands.

    1. shiroihana


      Oh wow is there any chance you will share Kluze?? I'm dying to hear that band. 🥺🙏

  11. Was watching ViViD's last live and I didn't realize how hot and muscular. IV was. Totally a masc4masc Top.

  12. JRD

    Well sorry if it came out crass, but with your 🙄 emoji, obviously feels like you're attack me, so of course I'm going on the defensive.
  13. JRD

    You do know that ethnicity includes people of the same culture and identity right? Look up both oxford and merriam-webber definition on ethnicity. Edit: I'm not gonna be here to argue with throwaway accounts, or lurkers about cultural identity and ethnicity. If you ever been to Japan, most people tend to look down upon visual kei bandmen as low lives(High School/Secodary school dropouts(The same with the Otaku stigma)) or they don't even know that that scene still exist.
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