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  1. my parting words 4 MH: i meant it that time i said ick

  2. could be a cool tune if it was produced with like, any degree of competency whatsoever
  3. Senedjem

    What yall are doing takes me back to the first 2-3 years of getting into vk in a way i can't really articulate, its real nice
  4. Senedjem

    What happened to these guys between forcroix and now? who'd they piss off lmao
  5. lmaooo that kagerou rip is so egregious that i cant really be mad
  6. Senedjem

    killa must be so excited about having a competent vocalist
  7. now thats what i call cover art
  8. Senedjem

    Guilty as charged lmao ✌️
  9. Senedjem

    Ayyyy really cute stuff
  10. Senedjem

  11. Senedjem

    they're having fun, and I'm having fun by proxy
  12. love it when people are just like, look how many genres i can do fairly competently
  13. Senedjem

    tfw you tour with choke and youre like hmmm lipstick
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