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  1. pinkmakona

    Yeah, Kyon... Still AH though, their 2 releases were really good! I'll keep an eye on updates.
  2. pinkmakona

    Hmm... I think vk somewhat played a role early on? Saika was also previously in vk bands so there are vk connections I guess. Overall, it leans more towards a "no" though. *They aren't on vkdb either.
  3. pinkmakona

    It's nice to see you around again!
  4. pinkmakona

    Some Syoko. G-Schmitt - Cathedral Junky
  5. pinkmakona

    Save money... SAVEEEEEEEEEE MONEY.
  6. pinkmakona

    Oh ;o A shame and all. I kind of forgot about their existence though. They have been... quiet.
  7. pinkmakona

    Well like them i mean.
  8. pinkmakona

    Well...! ;p I do like DEZERT though. I'm not really that big on Moran tbh. I prefer Fatima lol. Dunno if you do?
  9. If the topic was "bad things" i could list a ton. Something good today... i got a free ice cream! ;p
  10. pinkmakona

    A bit late...! But oh well. Hi! DEZERT are acceptable. ;p
  11. pinkmakona

    OH. ;o Hmm, Trombe served his role well with bands nobody cares about and did his time. So it will be a bit... weird that he's gone for good. There was never any guarantee that he was going to post... "forever" of course. I don't know him personally or what exactly happened though. A few people seem to be keen to help out in the news section, so i guess there will be new Trombe clones.
  12. This heat is draining me by the second. I will never be a summer person... EVER.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Summer sucks.

    2. pinkmakona


      It sure does.

  13. pinkmakona

    Seems to be. Depressing. I still miss them.
  14. pinkmakona

    I got a couple of replies back from Rais (she was from that 90s goth-kei band Solfege). I was asking about their music. She told me to wait a little (she was going to sell me a CD) but never got back to me. Then i asked again and she still didn't reply. So... i left it. I can't really think of anything else. It's not something i really bother with tbh.
  15. Ayame from Dear Bitch/Missa I still do and did back then lol.
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