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  1. futoshi92

    Oh come on, mate, that's not a right thread to keep going on about it. Especially during MH's final hours 🤨
  2. futoshi92

    Holly molly, your 3D art is so neat! I've myself started learning 3D modelling in Blender and implementing it to Unreal Engine. And I already can feel how much skill and software knowledge it requires! Keep it up and hope to see more of your art
  3. futoshi92

    My summary of 2020, just as the title says Template made by me btw My art resolutions for 2021 are: get better at dynamic poses improve at complex backgrounds draw more pictures with at least 2 characters make more heavy metal and visual kei themed art
  4. futoshi92

    Not really right now, but eagerly awaiting for Hitman 3
  5. futoshi92

    Something tells me the upcoming single will have vibes like in Uroboros or Arche. I've written an observation about that a lot of pages back, that Dir en Grey has been releasing heavier and lighter albums in turns.
  6. futoshi92

    Not always though We all were binging a lot back when DSS was coming out, that's my favoutire memory from this thread! 😀
  7. futoshi92

    Gonna join tommorow too, I'll be sure to provide a lot of upbeat funky VK songs!
  8. futoshi92

    As most of people post Twitter, I'll do so too: https://twitter.com/KentaroFlamepaw I'm also on Instagram @kentaro_fox where I share my CD collection and some stuff from personal life. Plus secondary account in my bio, where I upload my art
  9. futoshi92

    Weird flex but ok...
  10. futoshi92

    I do traditional art as well. Just drawings of my four furry OCs Kentaro Fox (my fursona) Hikaru the Cofee Fox Su Yeon the Lotus Lynx/Cat Girl Rinchen the Blue Snow Leopard
  11. On MH Farewell event I'll be looking forward to add a lot of Gargoyle's party'ish upbeat and bouncy songs. Who else likes that idea? :D 

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I'm all up for it, homie! :hum:Let's put the fun back in "funeral"!

  12. futoshi92

    As much as I don't really remember how exactly I discovered MH, I've been having a really good time since I joined here back in 2011, when I was 19. My best memories, aside from discussing about music were: - making a lot of threads about Japanese heavy metal - a lot of awesome conversation with users I don't see around, especially Chianti, Ronluna and Chibicco San. If you guys are still somewhere around, under a different name or not, I hope you're doing well - spectaculating a lot about Diru's "Dum Spiro Spero" (MOO meme anyone? 🤣 ) and Maximum the Hormone's "Yoshuu Fukushuu" I only feel bad, because between 2014-2018 I've kinda abandoned and even forgot about MH, I don't know why 😢 But coming back here was such a great feeling! Thank you fellow MHers once again, and let's keep the community alive at J-Rock One!
  13. Regarding the last news, as I've been on MH for nearly 10 years, and not everyone may remember me, I really wanna thank you guys for creating a wholesome community where we all could share our passion in Japanese music. Let's all go on on J-Rock One!

  14. I've counted my CD collection today. It appears I own over 220 CDs. I swear I'm gonna run out of space one day and my house is spacious xD

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Running out of space, it's every collector's worst nightmare! :panic:

    2. Igyou_Hime


      Last time I counted I was also around 220, but that was over 1 year ago... I have cd's everywhere and it looks like a mess, I envy those who have neat collection spaces ;_;

  15. futoshi92

    How many of you guys are familiar with Tetsuya Kanmuri aka The Kanmuri (or stylized as THE冠)? Long story short, Tetsuya Kanmuri started in 1991, when he formed So What? After the band broke up in 2003, Kanmuri began his solo project, and on this year's April he released his 6th album named "Nippon no Heavy Metal". His style feels like a mix of Sex Machineguns and early Seikima-II with dose of theatrical drama. He often made joined lives with those two bands. Oh and remember the anime called "Detroid Metal City", pretty much a protoplast to Aggretsuko? He's the one who sang in it's opening theme 😎 I own all of his albums in physical format, so expect it in downloads soon
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