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  1. 😢😢 Hope he is not high risk patient. Very worried now tbh.
  2. Because most vk bands is poor and can't afford sharing the profits with another. 😅 🤭🤭🤭
  3. LIDL

    Sound quality wise, personally I did hear the difference. Even after I ripped the CD, the sounds are still sounding clear and crisp, great balance, something that I don't ever find from regular CD rip regardless of tools were used to rip it, hence why I usually had to resort to purchase raw FLAC or WAV files of it when available. With Western artists, it is easier to find and more accessible. But with Japanese albums, I can only have that from SHM CD rip.
  4. I was expecting for an empty venue by the way, it would have been fun to see it backfire on them.
  5. LIDL

    It's the result from barely showing any emotions, fam. No smiles = no wrinkles!
  6. LIDL

    Sad to hear. wish him the best for the future endeavors. He is not too visible for me, so I still had to look him up to remember how he look like, when I think of MUCC it was always either Tatsurou or Yukke cos how visual they are even now, they are just *pops*, you know. So this effect will be positive for him, I hope. He can go back into regular life without many noticing who he was. I mean, if someone as visual as Klaha can go out of the scene without a trace, Satochi can too.
  7. LIDL

    I would think they would announce a new single for next Summer or something by now since they are not doing much this year. But I guess not. And by the way, YouTube rqndomly reccommended me this video, such a walk on memory lane
  8. LIDL

    Well, get ready https://youtu.be/y85Ri7ebGc8
  9. So many shady bosses in VK scenes, it's disheartening. Glad he fought back and got the munnies and apology.
  10. LIDL

    Are they forced to do this? 👀👀
  11. LIDL

    Honestly that is the best way.
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