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Found 7 results

  1. I've been thinking about this topic for a while, and it especially pertains to Japanese music as this CD format is primarily used in Japanese releases (in both western and Japanese music). SMH-CDs (Super High Material) are produced by JVCKenwood, who you probably know as the parent company of the Victor Entertainment record label. In fact, some Visual Kei artists you might know who are under the Victor label have their releases available in SMH format (such as BUCK-TICK). SHM's close counterpart is known as the SACD (Super Audio), made by Phillips. SMH-CD formats are manufactured differently (basically, they are made of a more transparent material which allows the laser to read it easier but even more detailed info can be found here) and are said to improve the audio quality on the CD. I'd also like to add that like all Japanese CDs, they are at a premium in comparison to their non-SHM western issues (if they have one, that is), so I'm also theorising that this could be another domestic purchase incentive akin to Japanese bonus tracks. I've been thinking of buying this format but SMH-CDs are controversial because there is no real evidence that they outperform regular CDs, though many collectors swear that they can hear the difference. Do you have any SMH-CDs and what do think about them? Can you hear a difference or do you think this is just as SHaM-CD format?
  2. Waru Chibi

    Since I am moving i try to sell some of the CDs i don't need anymore. ~ I ship worldwide from Germany. please add shipping fee to the prices. ~ I also take offers. ~ no extra Fees such as Paypal ~ pictures on request ~ sorry moving plus 2 jobs is stressful ~ I have like a ton of Flyers if there is any interest. mostly from 2014/2015/2018/2019 various bands. UnsraW ~ Calling 20€ UnsraW ~ -9- unplugged 25 € or best offer UnsraW ~ Gate of Birth (DvD only) 15€ initial'L ~ Moonlight Down 5 € Grieva ~ 黒い百合とxxx (kuroi yuri to xxx) 5 € Grieva ~ 不眠症 (fuminshou) 5 € Sarigia ~ Insult Kiss (new unopened) 12 € Diaura ~ Menace with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € the 3rd Birthday ~ 糜爛の月 (Biran no Tsuki) with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € Synk;yet ~ 自責の園 (Jiseki no sono) D type (obi missing) 3 € Synk;yet ~ 悦楽の底へ産み落とされし大罪のワルツ (Etsuraku no soko he umiotosareshi daizai no walz) b~type with Dvd. New and unopened 8 € Vexent ~ the fates (obi missing) 3 € Alice 9 ~ 九龍 (Kowloon) with DvD 8 € SID ~ 星の都 (Hoshi no Miyako) (no obi) 6 € Kagrra ~ 夢イズル地 (yume izure chi) (obi missing) 3 € Kagrra ~ 夜伽噺 (yotogi Banashi) 5 € Deep Rave ~ Deep Rave 5 € Hyde ~ 666 (Eu version) 5 € Hyde ~ Faith (Eu Version) 5 € baroque ~ sug life 5 € baroque ~ Clip collection 5 € baroque ~ Brq Dvd 5 € please make an offer: ~ Smile Berry promo Dvd 2015 ~ The Raid Promo Namba Hatch Dvd 2018 ~ Dispina Sorrow in Room promo ~ ZrayD Promo Cd 2015 with Flyer ~ the Radot Promo CD with flyer
  3. Katt

    I know this shouldn't be too much of a problem, although I've seen a small but decent amount of bootlegs and other things like that, I've seen a horribly converted Dir En Grey VHS down the line, and a shoddy looking Malice Mizer Cassette. I know a lot of these are made in Thailand, and other various Asian countries. Although I've heard that some are collectible due to having sometimes rare PVS, or tracks on to physical form? I know people do make rips of things and copy the CDS, although those are easily for private distribution and not for selling on markets to throw a curve-ball and raise prices. Bottom line question is, are these something to worry about, and should we worry about an influx of fakes on the market?
  4. -->> edited the prices (please, I really need to get rid of them.. ) and added images, if you want more pictures, please ask! <<-- Hi, I'm in desperate need of money (fast), so I'm thinking of selling some stuff from my collection (pretty much since I don't listen to any of it anymore). if you want pictures, just send me a DM! If you have any questions or want more pictures, just ask the prices exclude the shipping (I ship worldwide from sweden). I'm not good at setting prices, so the prices are just what I think they are worth, but I am willing to negotiate with the prices, so just tell me what you are willing to pay for the cds (I do have a lot of flyers, magazines,, some chekis and posters too) AliBi / マウス(mouse) ☆ 300 yen ☆☆ 300 yen ☆☆☆ 300 yen pikapika no ichi nensei / ピカピカの一年生 300 yen seishun no ni nensei / 青春の二年生 300 yen namida no san nensei / 涙の三年生 300 yen フトドキモノ / futodokimono 500 yen Special bonus cd which I got from one of their lives in 2009 (if I remember correctly) 500 yen Ashe / 独立国歌-Ashe'- Live-DVD from their oneman in may 2009 300 yen 淫猥セレナーデ / inwai serenade 300 yen Baggy Boggy / バギーボギー egoist 500 yen 偽愛関係 300 yen Gakido / 我羇道 病んでる時に唄う歌 /yanderu toki ni utau uta (with bonus cd) 1000 yen THE GLADROW / Cloche Aoi tori / 青い鳥 300 yen Growable deep 300 yen Growable deep (unopened with all the members autographs) 500 yen Secret real 300 yen Secret real (unopened with all the members autographs) 500 yen World End 300 yen Heartless Masquerade 500 yen Unlimited World 500 yen kannivalism Album Nu age. (Regular edition + Limited edition) 1500 yen each Mini Album 奏功humority 1000 yen Singles 5th Single life is (unopened regular edition + limited edition) 2000 yen for them both 4th Single モノクローム / Monochrome (regular version + the two different limited editions) : 2000 yen for them all 3rd Single small world ( regular version + Type A + Type B ) 2000 yen for them all 2nd Single ホシの夜 / Hoshi no yoru (regular edition + limited edition) 1500 yen for them both 1st Single リトリ (The limited edition + regular edition) 1500 yen for them both DVD APPLE CHING★PO-PO EPISODE II SHIBUYA-AX FINAL 2000 yen OTHER バンドスコア/Band score kannivalism (not in the pictures though) come with a price Kameleo / カメレオ Hajimari no uta / 始まりの歌 500 yen Kaye The spectacle of sorrow 200 yen LUCHe. ALIVe. ( Type A + Type B ) 1000 yen for them both Lycaon A box in beautiful 600 yen Cordyceps sinensis 600 yen Declaration of war 600 yen Para:noir The Virtues (with the bonus CD the code number 13.) 500 yen Sectma Ask 200 yen Valluna Neo infernal 1500 yen 存在理由 1500 yen Parasite eve. 1500 yen promise (with all the members autographs) <- SUPERRARE!! 10 000 yen Velgreed Awakening the 4 ray 500 yen Remorse 1000 yen Xepher Ai, Ryusei to Tomo ni Chirite. ( Type A + Type B ) 1000 yen for them both genocide ( Type A + Type B ) 1000 yen for them both Infinity 500 yen Omnibus CD:S / Other (COME WITH A PRICE) Alsdead vs Lycaon Sel'm (I think it's the bonus cd + photo from their single voice) Secilia Luna Hell drowing (a heretic sound music) Shock Edge 2008 LUNA SEA MEMORIAL COVER ALBUM "Re:birth" guardant Sophia
  5. We all see fashions and styles that we would love to have ourselves, but style can come with considerable work sometimes. The goal of this thread is to promote exercise, getting in shape, constructive feedback, and provided the motivation needed to achieve the healthy look you’ve been wanting. Did I mention you can win free VK stuff? Because you totally can. How it works Make a post with your fitness goal and where you are now. Pictures of what you are shooting for can help others visualize what you want. (Pictures of yourself are completely optional) Post updates! What have you been doing for your workouts? Have you noticed any positive changes since you’ve started? Everyone who posts at least one update each week will get one entry into a drawing at the end of the month. More details on the drawing and prize below. Want a second entry each week into the monthly prize drawing? Those who provide regular constructive feedback for others will receive another entry into the monthly contest. Feedback should be polite, but it should also be critical. Feedback that only consists of “Great job!” doesn’t really contribute much, suggestions for improvement and areas to work on are examples of great feedback. Lastly, we are using a bit of an honor system here. If you didn’t do a workout, don’t post and say that you did. We’re all trying to improve and support each other, let’s keep things positive. Now for the part we’ve been waiting for. The FREE STUFF! A winner will be randomly chosen at the end of each month using a random number generator. Once chosen, I’ll look at the last.fm profile of the winner to determine which prize they get. THIS MONTH’S PRIZE IS A CD DONATED BY RAREZHUT. Seriously check Rarezhut out (www.rarezhut.net) for all the CDs, cassettes, DVDs, and VHS you have a hard time finding elsewhere. They ship internationally, provide sample clips of the stuff they sell on their website, and have a great “fuzzy” search system so you can find what you are looking for. Possibly the best part is that they provide a CD with digital rips (using professional-grade equipment no less) of all VHS and Cassettes that you buy since not everyone has a VCR or cassette deck. Plus it’s run by our very own Biopanda XD --------- I've tried several different workout trackers and logs in the past, but my favorite by far is Fitocracy. It has hundreds of exercises in its database, so adding them is a breeze. The biggest feature (and my favorite) is that is makes working out into a game. You log your workouts, get points, level up, complete quests such as running or biking a certain distance, and it's all free. There's the social aspect too. You can join groups, friend other Fitocrats, and even challenge others to duels. There's an optional paid membership called "Hero mode" and individual coaching, but the free features are still more than amazing https://www.fitocracy.com/ Our very own MH group on Fitocracy https://www.fitocracy.com/group/19063/?about
  6. • Shipping: worldwide, from France (ask for price). • Payment: Paypal. • Prices are negotiable. Sex Pot Revenge pants size M 35€ http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/23/1370704061-img-20130405-154245.jpg 12012 - Play Dolls [Type A] 20€ 12012 - Play Dolls [Type B] 20€ 12012 - Heart [Type A] 10€ 12012 - Pistol 10€ 2 Bullet - Assassi-nation 10€ abingdon boys school - INNOCENT SORROW 6€ abingdon boys school - JAP 10€ access - Doubt & Trust 6€ Akihabara Denno Romeo - Extended type-D 10€ alice nine. - Zekkeishoku 15€ Alsdead - Violet Of Reason SOLD OUT Alsdead - S.a.g.A SOLD OUT Alsdead - Paradox SOLD OUT Alsdead - Distrust SOLD OUT Alsdead - Alsdead SOLD OUT Amber Bullet - soreha ... hangyaku to iu mei no ame 10€ amber gris - Shoujo no Cuore 10€ amber gris - Franny wa Gokigennaname/an Fade SOLD OUT ANGELSPIT - HIDEOUS AND PERFECT 5€ ANIMETAL - ANIMETAL MARATHON II 25€ AZALEA - Mousou ni shisu 15€ Baelscope - sealed of ~72~ extrication 10€ Baggy-Bogy - Higenjitsu insect/Kenjou straight 10€ Bergerac - [code:abstract data type] 12€ BLOOD - BLOOD DOMESTIC vers. 12€ Buck-Tick - Hurry up mode 15€ By-Sexual - Cracker 15€ By-Sexual - Sexuality 15€ Chii Sakurabi - Mirage 10€ Compilation - Darkest Labyrinth Vol.2 10€ Compilation - Explosion Showcase 20€ Compilation - High Style Paradox II 10€ Compilation - Neo Voltage 15€ Compilation - pupa (Heartless & MEZE) SOLD OUT Compilation - Starwave Records 10€ D-SHADE - Dear 10€ D-SHADE - True 15€ Dali - Tricolor Crawl [Type A] 10€ Dark Schneider - See you Again 5€ Dark Schneider - Blood sucker 5€ Dio - distraught overlord - Heaven's Call 15€ Eliphas Levi - Rideru no Akai Makimono 10€ Frantic Emiry - World End 10€ Gackt - Saikai ~Story~ 10€ GaGaalinG - Royal Stranger 10€ GAIN01 - route of ALIVE 10€ Ghost - Akai Kumo 15€ Girugämesh - 13's reborn SOLD OUT Girugämesh - Girugämesh 10€ Girugämesh - music SOLD OUT Girugämesh - NOW 10€ Girugämesh - GO 10€ Gothique Prince Ken - Phoenix 10€ GRANRODEO - Doukoku no Ame 10€ HITT - kakkotsuke man 5€ HITT - I love HITTERS 2.0 5€ Iruma Rioka - IRUMA 10€ Janne Da Arc - D.N.A 10€ Janne Da Arc - [Z-HARD] 15€ Janne Da Arc - RED ZONE / seal 10€ Janne Da Arc - GAIA 15€ Janne Da Arc - another singles 10€ Janne Da Arc - ARCADIA 10€ közi - KINEMA & KHAOS SOLD OUT Kibouya Honpo - kibou no susume 15€ Kiryu - Ryuujoukoshi-nisenkyuu Nen Juuni Gatsu Nanoka Shibuya O-west Tandoku Kouen- 80€ Kisaki & kansai kizoku - HYSTERIC DANCE 10€ Kneuklid Romance - -Phantom~phantom of the 10th year- 50€ L'Arc~en~Ciel - HEAVEN'S DRIVE 5€ Lamia Cross - Show Time 5€ Lamia Cross - Evil Geisha Rock 5€ Lix - Noah 10€ Lix - Seimei no Shuen 10€ Lix - SICKS RAIN SOLD OUT Lotman - UNTITLE 10€ Lucifer - carnation crime 10€ LUNA SEA - IMAGE 15€ Luzmelt - Luz-destination (dédicacé) 15€ Megaromania - Bishuu no kajitsu 10€ Megaromania - Birth of an [idea] 20€ Megaromania - Oblivious 30€ Megaromania - Aurora -destinies of world- [Type A] 12€ MEZE - JAIL SOLD OUT NéiL - Misery 10€ Nega - The Faded Film of a Japanese Sadness 25€ Nega - hole 20€ Nega - ReBirth Under the Chaos 25€ Nega - reminiscence [Type B] 16€ Nega - Haunted Jealousy [Type B] 15€ Nega - Grave of the Sacrifice [Type A] SOLD OUT Nega - Grave of the Sacrifice [Type B] 27€ Noir du Soleil - -INTO THE SKY- 5€ PENICILLIN - Ultimate Velocity 10€ Pierrot - MYCLOUD 10€ Pierrot - Pandora no Hako SOLD OUT Pierrot - Private Enemy 15€ RENTRER EN SOI - the bottom of chaos 10€ SOLD OUT Satsuki - moon spiral 40€ SHAZNA - Raspberry Time 10€ SHAZNA - Promise Eve 10€ SHAZNA - GOLD SUN AND SILVER MOON 15€ SHAZNA - GOLD SUN AND SILVER MOON 15€ SHAZNA - Pure Hearts 15€ Sleep My Dear - SHAPE 10€ Sleep My Dear - Dear & Hate 10€ Sleep My Dear - MIRAGE 10€ Soroban - Geki irodori chappuru 10€ Spectrum-X - Tea Party with Zombies 10€ STRAWBERRY FIELDS - DANCERAMA 10€ SUICIDE ALI - Sarau Fue to Yakusoku 12€ THE DEAD POP STARS - D.P.S 15€ THE DEAD POP STARS - HEART BREAK BANDITS 15€ V-last. - A-live 12€ V-last. - Red Rabbit 12€ V-last. - Chuudokusei Gutter noise 12€ V-last. - Taisho Nenrei 15-Sai Miman [Type-A] 10€ V-last. - Taisho Nenrei 15-Sai Miman [Type-B] 10€ V-last. - L-GAME [Type A] 10€ V-last. - L-GAME [Type B] 10€ V-last. - P☆L☆A☆S☆M☆A [Type A] 10€ V-last. - P☆L☆A☆S☆M☆A [Type B] 10€ Valluna - Complete (Limité à 500 exemplaires) SOLD OUT Vidoll - Very Important Doll [Type A] 20€ Wizard - CORE 10€ XodiacK - Shinra Bansho -Setsuri- 10€ Zi:kill - Desert Town 10€ zilch - 321 10€ Zoro - APOLLO 10€ Zoro - Lost Technology 10€ Zoro - COSMO -Stainless Music- [Limited Edition] 20€
  7. Hey guys, I have tons of stuff at my house and I have to move. Let me know if you are interested in any of those! (Ill keep updating!) I only accept paypal, and Im in U.S, so the shipping might a lil expensive, but Im selling cheap price for CDs. We can negotiate the price too Enjoyyy and thxx!! P.S if you wanna me post the pic let me know! Studs the studs $24 the studs and hate (CD+DVD) $36 スパイダーネスト/闇のち雨 $16 gaze $16 蜉蝣(Kagerou) 黒旗 (kurohata) its made in EURO $10 腐った海で溺れかけている僕を救ってくれた君 (Kusatta Umi de Oborekakateiru Boku wo Sukutte Kureta Kimi) I have three versions of this single, each one is $16 XII Dizzy $16 DIR EN GREY The marrow of a bone $8 Heidi レム (Rem) $10 Viored (バイオレット) Viored (last CD) CD+DVD $26 DELUHI JAGANNATH (CD+DVD) $17 Surveillance $18 HURTS Best Album of HURTS SIVA demolish $12 COPY $ 30 wrong of justice $17 A&D quill $12
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