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  1. As I understand it he (or staff) meets with you online via Zoom and designs the shirt for your desire/face? The sample T-Shirt shows Izumi (ex-Sibilebashir)
  2. クランキー from LAW's album sounds like early 00's Volark/WERKMARE/∀NTI FEMINISM/PIASS song to me. Amazing!

  3. The album was suddenly released yesterday via various platforms online and release on CD on 2020.06.30. Just bought it at amazon. Edit: I worried the album would be full of fillers and kinda bad, but it turned out really well! Great positive suprise.
  4. For me, adding the bare numbers it would be a somewhat 6/10, however my feeling for the mini as a whole would be more towards a 7-8/10. The two singles didn't do much for me, many songs sounded the same to me, riffs seemed interchangable, I felt Ai sang the same melody over and over again.. I feel this mini is a big step in the right direction. 火炎瓶 and おやすみ。 together with parts of 「悪人」 are great - the rest sounds mostly forgettable and recycled to me. As a sidenote: I do not know if I always catched Ai on bad days, but those times I saw KtK live it always seemed that he is not capable of performing more than 20-30 minutes without his voice dissapearing/breaking... I wonder how it is now? I hope he worked on that, would be a shame otherwise I feel, he seemed like a cool guy.
  5. filth_y

    I think I still have these 2, but might be cheaper to buy on Genka. When I bought them back in the days at yahoo auctions, just After the Pain alone went up to somewhat 15k yen I think (Swallowtail was somewhat 7000 I think).
  6. Im suprised they still write about that album in the info-box of the video. As if that would ever be released. Might as well just release a recording of the live where they were supposed to play all songs from the album last year..
  7. filth_y

    The whole song just builds up an atmosphere of tension that is not released. I really dislike such songs, so annoying to listen to. Would only fit if it is conceptually bound to the second song of the mini, e.g. if the second song immediatly bursts the tension. As a PV song however, horrible. I am really suprised they seem to constantly use their worst songs for their music videos and release their best songs only on live distributed cds..
  8. filth_y

    Besides 2-3 songs from their first album, 駁-baku- from their 荊海 CODA single is somehow the only song that I can really remember from them and would praise them for. I hope they would do something like that song again. New PV song just sounds like a slight variation of what they did before. That guitar shredding is just SO boring. Are there any people on this planet anymore that can actually enjoy that crap except guitar otakus?
  9. Big LOL at that short guitar shredding at 02:05. Who from his future or old bandmates has to suffer to try to implement that live? Kaede already failed at those power chords Will Eve just make a guest appearance for 10 seconds or will it just be playback?
  10. filth_y

    If you organize things, e.g. files / albums, I think its convenient if they are in order by year, month, day. Otherwise you will have stuff randomly all over the place, no?
  11. filth_y

    It was revealed at todays live that 咲 (Saki) (ex-Cuartet, ex-THE MAD SIMPSON, etc., now presidentチンピラ of Bloom) will act as their new vocalist, starting today. Video of todays live: Link
  12. filth_y

    Please, at least try a little harder when reviving Trombe. He always wrote the date nicely, e.g. 2020/06/24, not the retarded american (?) way.
  13. filth_y

    Second song sounds exaclty like マチルダ so idk what you were listening to. Not only the instrumental, it seems like the singer completely tried to become マチルダs singer with his intonation. Same like he did in the first song, cover Karmas AC intonation. Just shows you how Eve writes the complete songs as in AC also with the midi/track/intonation for the vocals and tells the band members what to do in each second. Such bots. I agree tho they fill something missing, I like it in the end.
  14. filth_y

    Somehow I feel they sound much better/more "classic hiro" since the 2 members left.
  15. filth_y

    Retsu: Obviously does only things cause they are trending like most 15 yrs old teens. Also Retsu:
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