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  1. I had a really lame joke about God's birthday lined up but I will spare you and just wish you a happy birthday! (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・°

  2. big oof



    1. psychonnect_rozen


      It could have been worse. Kid could have became a Kisaki stan lol

  3. psp master race.

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    2. God


      oh i hadn’t heard of that before.  😱

    3. secret_no_03


      What in the hell? The PSP is far superior to the Ouya.

    4. Gesu


      SNES master race

  4. God

    oof yeah there was a scandal about it bc he posted the pic on insta. i guess yoshiki has a lot of chinese (?) fans and jackie’s politics don’t sit well with most of them.
  5. God

    sounds like some truscum shit. i can’t speak for the trans community as a whole, obviously, but i can definitely say that trans people have far more pressing issues rn than some enby using neo-pronouns. maybe focus this energy towards a real issue, like trans woc being murdered left and right, or lgbt spaces not always being trans inclusive, or the existence of terfs. neo-pronouns pale in comparison.
  6. God

    even if it is a joke (and again, this isn’t me agreeing with that), how is it hurting anyone? it’s pretty easy not to be a jerk.
  7. God

    imagine thinking queer people are pushing their beliefs on you bc they’re asking for basic respect and to be left alone about it.
  8. God

    after that dinner w jackie chan, yoshiki and him formed a band and now they’re announcing it.
  9. God

    okay, so idk if this is necessarily unpopular, but from what i see around online it’s definitely polarizing. but, why bother someone with some dumb shit if they’re not actually hurting anyone? this can pertain to a lot of things, from liking comic book movies and not comic books, being really fuckin’ into anime, or other such things. it can also be more serious (that’s probably not the right word since these things aren’t really a big deal anyway) things like being lgbt, specifically that whole rhetoric about there only being two genders (which tbh i’m not sure if people who say that are specifically referring to non-binary people, or trans folk as a whole most of the time). even if that’s true (and i’m not saying it is), who cares? aren’t there like, real problems to deal with? i mean, i’m sure there’s smth more important going on than someone switching what pronouns they use depending on how they feel on any given day, or someone who likes the deadman wonderland anime but doesn’t really care to read the manga even though it’s basically a different story. none of that stuff is super pressing.
  10. God

    oh ok, i get it. i think i fall somewhere in between being in it for pretty androgynous guys and being in it for the music. both aspects to me are great, 10/10. but i don’t really learn bandoman names a lot. i can def say that the girls are way more into it than i am when it comes to that kind of thing.
  11. God

    i haven’t watched the sabrina remake, so idk.
  12. God

    isn’t vk in general marketed towards teenage girls? it seems like a v big chunk of vk fans are teen girls or were when they got into it.
  13. God

    i know it’s super terrible but i kinda like riverdale. i haven’t finished the first season tho, and i started watching when it came out but it’s not that bad from what i’ve seen? maybe it gets worse? 😂
  14. God

    all k-dramas are basically the same overall idea/plot but with a different setting. rich man/poor woman, maybe one of them has some kinda super power or ability. if one of them is important like an idol or ceo then they must be a complete asshole until they learn to love from some woman who is poor, but optimistic. someone ends up in the hospital after a fight at some point too, making whichever one said the mean things feel bad with some sad piano music playing while they sit alone or maybe in a coffee shop, idk.
  15. God

    grapefruit juice is the most unholy beverage. legit disgusting.
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