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  1. Fyrnia4Maya

    Um.. Sorry to everyone I've confused, I didn't check the date of the post
  2. Fyrnia4Maya

    I got confused and thought this forums April Fool's was real, sorry for my stupidity, at least I stand out at something
  3. Fyrnia4Maya

    Id say they refined their sound quite a bit, I can feel the band growing its identity, structuring themselves and taking songwriting a little further, so many things NAZARE has never tried before are done here and with a bit more elegance I guess? You won't hear a breakdown like nemophilas in many bands including NAZARE THEMSELVES pre-this Say trauma for example, it's Junan 2 basically, but has more to it, it's the same but going further
  4. Fyrnia4Maya

    I found it already on Facebook!!!!!!!! I'd say your career is as legit as say nazares, even if your budget and audience are smaller, you make alot of good quality content and have many albums under your belt, in fact I was thinking of asking if you were lying about being on the bands, it's pretty insane and a career isn't really validated by economic success I believe. Just so you know I will be rocking your ep for some time this quarantine, so you made me very happy and I think you can make many others happy too, you have power
  5. Fyrnia4Maya

    Thanks for the links. Not gonna lie I admire your work alot and I'm looking for a rip of your first ep, it sounds amazing. I'm also gonna listen to your latest band for a while because I can't decide whether or not to support you
  6. Fyrnia4Maya

    It doesn't really sound like a cover, its really well done and in-place, in fact sounds just like vkei singers. I don't know music theory so I can't elaborate, sounds very good to me
  7. Fyrnia4Maya

    Why? The composition and melody/harmony are great
  8. Fyrnia4Maya

    If only it lasted for more than 15 seconds... The worst part of the song for me is the lack of bridges
  9. Fyrnia4Maya

    Have you heard the preview of their new single "the silent one" on Twitter? They are hyping it absurdly and saying it's gonna be heavier than within the void
  10. Fyrnia4Maya

    I guess that's true about the label thing but it doesn't mean that it isn't hard, it just means that he got the chance to do it, being easier doesn't mean it isn't difficult. And why shouId I read P R I V I L E G E all over, because he has daddy connections? Because he looks fragile? That's really superficial, you still don't know how much he works and if your father was a musician too, I'm sure you would find it unfair to be judged by that alone. Again I agree some have it harder than him, but all I see is prejudice honestly Also self insert???? What's that about? I just don't have the freedom to speak for anyone but myself about how much effort one can endure, I don't know if you or my neighbor could do it, I couldn't and that's that, that's my point of view
  11. Fyrnia4Maya

    We have no way of knowing if he was from a rich family even if his father was a musician with a label. I agree he lost interest too quick on too many things, but it's unfair to say he doesn't work hard without enough information, he's been doing this since he was a child and I can tell you right now this is hard work for a child, at least it would be impossible for children like me I'm not defending yohio as a person, but what you said it's just like saying "man being royalty is so perfect! You do nothing and get servants, food, a castle... Why wouldn't you want to be royalty?" being a musician is hard, running a small label is hard, managing bands is hard, doing it all at once is harder
  12. Fyrnia4Maya

    https://youtu.be/fmXiwFQ4LPs The song came out and since nobody cares about DISREIGN I feel the freedom to post my opinion, since it's still a much better song than what I expected The production is much better than the last single which was just generic, the guitars especially sound very good and it gives me faith in Jonil, the new guitarrist. I don't know if it's his skill or the composition but he is still light years away from Valentin (mustache guy) who also gave the band alot of personality, but still he gave back some of the soul that was missing without Valentin. Speaking of composition it's soo boring, the chorus is the best part because it's catchy but still sounds like it's disconnected from the rest of the song, it's probably the most boring DISREIGN song to date in that regard, it's just boring and weirdly uneventful, coming from the band that made within the void and karehasu this is really sad I mean it still feels eventful, but more a party in a friend's house and less the apocalypse Yohio kills it as always, his singing is extremely good and he shows a respect for visual Japanese music that I wasn't expecting; he specifically changes his singing style just to fit into that role instead of just singing in Japanese, I really appreciate that, really skilled vocalist His screams I think are awful, much much worse than early DISREIGN, I think he is too worried about taking care of his throat which is good but makes it lack emotion. They should have distorted the shit out of him producing the song since he barely screams live anyway, just to at least make it seem less like he screams for the sake of it instead of him REALLY needing to scream from the inside. Before the atmosphere allowed for such screams because it was dark and expressive in itself, but this song isn't Overall it's much better than what I expected, I thought DISREIGN was dead and it was just going to be metal Yohio (I don't like Yohio but I like disreign I don't know why) but at least it fits in with the other releases, even if the atmosphere is remarkably different That synth drives me nuts though, it sounds like it's been made bad on purpose for atmosphere but then used it as a melody I can't speak about the lyrics but they scare me. I'm of the opinion that Yohio makes really good lyrics for disreign (if a bit hypocritical) but the lyrics of awoken by silence, their other proyect, are some of the worst I have heard (even if they aren't bad overall) so the title HOAX makes me worried it's just Yohio complaining he has never done anything wrong and we are all idiots unfaithful to him, but the English line (I know what I saw!) interests me, because it's like Yohio saw the truth of something and no one believes him, not in a messiah kind of way but in a "I'm not insane, this thing is very bad" way, the line implies that he is speaking from weakness and vulnerability, and if that's the case that's always a brave thing to do. Yohio is hit-or-miss with lyrics for sure, if anyone knows Japanese and understands the song I would appreciate if you told me what its about That's it, tias (drummer) is really pretty too, but even then, they were close to hitting a good atmosphere for me but again for me they don't really catch the imagination
  13. Fyrnia4Maya

    I hope you can picture my jaw piercing the floor from a seventh floor and falling out of control listening to Sho. He is INSANE in the previews
  14. Fyrnia4Maya

    Does anybody know if the album will be on iTunes Tuesday 00:00 exactly? In Japanese time at least. Also how much will it cost in all countries? Are all going to be equivalent to 2000/3000 yen?
  15. Fyrnia4Maya

    Okay, this is great. I will support DIMLIM for being this amazing and the first band I have ever followed since they were "born" (dimlim was born). Please show them support because this isn't bad at all!!!!!
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