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  1. Ameyoru

    I'm gonna miss this ESSCENCE posting so much And I agree soooo much with this. Letsu is like a 14 years old "This is not a phase, it's the real me!" I wonder if he knows that you can like multiple generes at the same time and implement them to your music to create something cool. Instead of "ugh metal sucks now, I've cHanGeD sO MuCh". I liked Misc. anyway lol
  2. He should sing with a label. The song sounds good but the Ipad production doesn´t help at all
  3. Ameyoru

    This actually looks interesting... Except the Youtube Premium part Let´s see if Edgy Sad B00i Letsu doesn´t screw this band more
  4. I liked the single but I felt the song too short. I was expecting something more to come after that final, don't you feel that way too? And Cleaver Sleazoid 0/10 no kyoglish, worst song of the decade
  5. Ameyoru

    They played it live already (it's the first song) but I have the feeling this is just a demo version
  6. Ameyoru

    I also don't have access. Does being a Kiwamu's bitch have something to do? lol
  7. Ameyoru

    2021... You can say Dimlim right now is on hiatus. Also the official page of Dimlim had some interesting changes
  8. Ameyoru

    He's just a meme now, I can't take him seriously anymore
  9. Ameyoru

    Dir en grey - MACABRE -揚羽ノ羽ノ夢ハ蛹- MUCC - 陽炎 Malice Mizer - ヴェル・エール~空白の瞬間の中で~ DIMLIM - 肉腫と繁殖と不快感 Sukekiyo - 艶 Damm, just 5????
  10. Ameyoru

    I liked metal a lot, but always feel distant from his comunity. I was just a skinny teeneager, so I tried with the emo but also feel weird in it, all the other emo kids from my middle school rejected me lol. At the same time I was entering the anime world and discovered BABYMETAL and holy crap I loved that band (I bought a fucking Funko Pop) later I listened bands like Fear and Loathing, SiM, Coldarain and one time I discovered DADAROMA and lost my mind, they were perfect all I ever wanted in a band (I didn't listen to any beyond Ii Kusuri) , so little by little I found more bands and got more into this called VK. It just mixes music, asthetics and theatricality in a way I love. I love the random and not intentional experimentation. I love that the br00tal bands can be poppy too. Even when the sound is generic at least I have fun with the asthetics. And even the poppiest stuff is still more interesting than the new Asking Alexandria songs. The music scene in my country is generic indie rock music that I don't like and find boring, the stereotypical and also generic metal with the stereotypical metalheads and latin music for parties and dancing that simply is not for me. So visual kei has me covered
  11. Ameyoru

    I was so excited, don't play with my emotions like that
  12. Ameyoru

    I really, really wish for a song like Sanbika, Fuyū or Kagerō
  13. The song grew on me. I'm loving it Nero is cleary influenced by Kyo but he's not a copycat, he has the potential he just needs more experience. The instrumental is solid, as expected from Seiya talent. Very excited about this proyect
  14. My favorite thing in MISC. is Sho's voice. It carries the whole thing, he's the real artist and head of Damlam

  15. Ameyoru

    This reminds me of Issei's behavior, the master and the apprentice
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