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  1. benzaiten._

    I just came here to say: come on dimlim get a fucking bassist for christ's sake
  2. benzaiten._

    Due to the improved production in the remakes i think i like the most of them over the originals! The new songs on the album are straight bangers, there are no songs that i think that i disliked... maybe the last two tracks may not end on the daily play to me tho.
  3. benzaiten._

    Maybe all the corona thing made it hard to record the video with him, also i think Ryo has a reeeeeeally busy agenda but i really wanted to see him there too the track was absolutely fantastic!
  4. benzaiten._

    -pretends to be surprised-
  5. Ok i'm sold, absolutely loved this new track! if im'n not seeing things wrong there are two guitarists again in the band!? if so, i'm so glad about it omg
  6. benzaiten._

    I'm with you on this, that's one thing that could be better but i'm so happy that doesn't sound like the mess they used on their singles before DRAGOUT anymore haha. The song is a heavy banger! i also got the feeling that this could be an album opener, would be cool to start the album with such energy and the intro SE was cool, gives an eerie mood (and i'm glad about the fact that wasn't a random EDM piece, thanks)
  7. benzaiten._

    Still bummed by this, some of the worst news in this already awful year
  8. benzaiten._

    Damn i'm so worried for Mio right now...
  9. I was going to say the same! for the heavy oriented songs on the album is one of the best to me and such a fun way to start the album with high energy (how did we get from talking about the single to trashing songs from TIW? haha)
  10. benzaiten._

    Got the feeling like this single was just them flexing on us, it was quite hilarious so i can't take it so seriously lol. Angel's Cry is good for an experiment in sound for them i guess but Devil's Calling is just ridiculously heavy for the sake of being heavy, i know they can do way better than that so i'll wait for the next single for their next record whenever it be.
  11. benzaiten._

    I'm with you on this, like the songs they've been releasing lately aren't that fresh anymore (can we call it a lynch. syndrome? lol)
  12. I think we won't be able to watch the full video until the next "Average blablabla video collection" DVD/Blu-Ray, same with the full TWOM music video
  13. Agree that it's a dumb as fuck lyric but it's ICONIC to this point u know
  14. The full version of the single is really amazing! The ending felt like it was a straight punch to my face lol loving it so far. For the remake of Clever the only thing that bugs me a little is the change of the intro riff but i love what they did with the rest of the song, gained a lot of power. Also, I like this mixing a lot more than in TWOM and TIW.
  15. https://music.apple.com/jp/album/ochita-koto-no-aru-sora-single/1524585884 Now are available some short previews of the songs,it seems that they changed a little the lyrics in Clever Sleazoid huh
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