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  1. Just wanted to ask, who's the composer on DIMLIM's album CHEDOARA? 🤔


    I know Issei used to be their main composer so I'm curious who is it now~

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    2. mushi308


      @yomii thank you❤️

    3. diryangrey


      02 is retsu's kanjimei
      0 = 零 = rei
      2 = 'two' = tsuu
      makes as much sense as 喜怒哀楽(kidoairaku) becoming chedoara

    4. mushi308


      thank you so much @diryangrey!!!💕 i own the album, but i was always confused about that "02" person, since i don't speak japanese😅 now everything makes sense😊


  2. mushi308

    Hello~^^ I'm searching for someone who's going to DDRM's live on Tomo's bday (January 30th) and is willing to help me get the bday live limited poster of Tomo~ I'm gonna pay you of course. Thank you in advance~^^
  3. Hello!~^^ I'd like to know if there's anybody who's going to see DADAROMA's live on Tomo's birthday (January 30th) and is willing to help me to get the live limited poster of Tomo. I'm gonna pay you of course~ Pretty pleeease ;-; Thank you in advance~
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