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  1. I will buy it as soon as it is on the web
  2. I hope they get it soon ,,, I'm dying to see it complete
  3. GuancheVK

    I love this....
  4. I do not think so... I think they are very solid and will stay longer
  5. finally ,,, in a few days I will have a physical copy of the maxi single ladykiller
  6. GuancheVK

    you can book now
  7. GuancheVK

    where you can buy the physical version ... if there is one
  8. GuancheVK

    don't worry ... I'm always relaxed. I don't mind whether you like it or not ... it's your opinion and it's respectable. What bothers me is the hatred many people have for certain groups such as nocturnal bloodlust. Since their two previous guitarists are no longer in the group, whether for reasons people like or not, they have already put a label of hatred on the group and whatever they do is pure shit. I will upload it when it arrives and whoever likes it will download it
  9. GuancheVK

    Of course ... if you don't like its sound, don't listen to it and that's it ... but it's tiring to read fanboy reviews ... respect people who do like it
  10. GuancheVK

    I think the opposite ... Forget about it once ... this band is no longer visual kei, it's an American-style metalcore band ... if you don't accept them, stop saying shit all the time ... don't listen to them and that's it. This is his present style and if you don't like him, don't listen to him. I personally have liked him because he loves his old music as well as his new music. I have realized that in this forum there is too much fanboy ... you have to open your mind
  11. I have no problem I bought all three types haha ....
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