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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any band scores for Dead End?
  2. RED99

    https://vk.com/doc2634118_514924192?hash=6d6e09aa6188095ea5&dl=22d1e4be6463ca0aae credits to: Nihon Ongaku; appears to be 128kbps it sounds like they re-recorded vocals for the most part and also some of the songs sound remixed/re-recorded. His vocals are a lot improved. also I hope..they continue as a band..
  3. RED99

    i hate to say it but his voice was completely gone by Story.. -- at the time I was excited to see that they were remaking Aishuu Melancholia, but they probably shouldnt have touched that..just my opinion. I think there's only 3 new tracks btw.. 01. Bennu 02. 修羅 (Shura) -- mentioned by the others - its a B side from Chronos 03. It ’s just love - was a single/also on Story 04. Days - on Story 05. 僕の糸、君の意図 (Boku no Ito, Kimi no Ito) 06. LIVE - is on their mini-album Jewel 07. デッドマンズ・ホープ (Dead Man's Hope) - is apparently on Jewel 08. Chronos - is on Story. 09. 鬼哭啾々 (Kikokushuushuu) - is on mini-album Duel 10. Red Rose - is on mini-album Duel 11. 自我 (Jiga) 12. 雪のアスタリスク (Yuki no Asterisk) - mentioned by the others - its on Story; + a single I'm sure Gackt pulls that type of shit a lot? (unless its the record company) Example - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re:Born also Duel Jewel had other songs they could have released like Knot when the vocalist was ?absent: https://mora.jp/package/43000035/10500901/ https://music.apple.com/jp/album/knotli-live-edition-single/544603780
  4. RED99

    i'm late to the party.. so no one liked False?? That was actually a decent song. I dont think they made anything else in that vein of symphonic (keyboard) accompaniment. Disgracer had a neat arrangement too - those bass slaps in the beginning were masked by sequencers
  5. RED99

    wow that sucks, they showed great promise.. 😪 Maybe Deluhi will reunite?
  6. Probably old news but Satoshi viewed Daisuke (from Kagerou) as a mentor, but you really can hear the similarities in their style in older Girugamesh releases. http://www.jame-world.com/uk/articles-65758-kowai-ima-wo-kurai-ima-wo-kuroi-ima-wo-koero-.html "Despite the onstage image of someone unsteady and overflowing with strong emotions, he was a person who could very easily win over other people and fans. He remained friends with MUCC's Tatsuro, MERRY's Garaand Girugamesh's Satoshi, who viewed him as his mentor. " Parallels with Daisuke & Kyo coaching Satsuki from RES http://www.jame-world.com/uk/articles-5922-rentrer-en-soi-the-bottom-of-chaos.html or Kyo being cited as a "Music Consultant" in Kagerou and The studs releases: https://www.discogs.com/蜉蝣-落首/release/4017352 https://www.discogs.com/The-studs-Studs/release/2363545
  7. RED99

    Ken - Fuyuu (MUCC cover) Funnily Ken was involved in co-producing this track, along with most of the tracks in Kyuutai.
  8. RED99

    6vH2FHMDF38 Jack in the Box session band - Nocturne (Die In Cries cover) Vocals - Hyde (L'arc en ciel) and Kyo (D'erlanger and original singer) Guitar - Miya (MUCC) Bass - Aki (SID) Drums - Satochi (MUCC) Other vocals: Tatsurou - (MUCC) , Mao - (SID) , Paul? - (44 Magnum)
  9. What's funnier is that the Zi:Kill vocalist Tusk took over Kenichi's role in Craze when they were still around. They both sound similar. I think last time i checked up on Tusk's activities he was going solo playing acoustic. cucZd0EmSJ8 Awesome cover to an awesome song.
  10. RED99

    I lost some files after megaupload got brought down, i have found some of those files luckily in other file hosts. I also just discovered some of those files are in this website, also I'm pretty sure with similar file names. Only this time, most of them can be downloaded via direct download from the site. http://www.otonomai.net/forum/files/
  11. RED99

    u1IMH_LZeDk Sid - Justy (boowy cover)
  12. troll. the original was terrible...and was from their worst "album". Jeez Dir en grey will make this bad song much much muchhh better, I'm sure of it! Well at the end of the day it all comes down to personal opinion. Some people prefer their VK era rather than their contemporary one or simply just love most of their material. I thought Gauze was an amazing album. We have yet to hear this new single before we all start strangling each other.
  13. cEwmtLXSUBI ain't afraid to die 2009
  14. akuro no oka (2009 fan recording) tRU18KCnSwQ
  15. RED99

    LIVES An1ztSQA3Pw DDDaiovhx-M
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