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  1. TheZigzagoon

    Tracklist 1 Awakening. 2 Can you do it? 3 ASSaulter 4 東京傷年 5 ジャイアニズム碌 6 MASQUERADE 7 惰性ブギー 8 the WORLD 9 Lost in Blue 10 わすれな草 11 Cherish 12 HATE 13 dogma 14 DIRTY 15 mimic 16 ジャイアニズム究 17 ジャイアニズム天 18 Quints 19 VERMILION. 20 ジャイアニズム:RE惡T (ENCORE) 21 My name is ”SCUM” (ENCORE) 22 ジャイアニズム死 (ENCORE) 23 極東乱心天国 (ENCORE) 24 Star[K]night (ENCORE2) 25 自傷(少年テロリスト) (ENCORE2)
  2. On 2020.7.15 ‘NIGHTMARE’ will release their live performance held at Yokohama Arena on 2020.02.11 on DVD and Blu-Ray. There will be 4 editions. 「NIGHTMARE 20th Anniversary SPECIAL LIVE GIANIZM ~ 再悪 ~ 2020.2.11@YOKOHAMA ARENA」 Platinum Edition: Blu-ray + 2 DVD + Download card (it’s not specified what for I believe) - ¥12,000 Standard Blu-ray: 1 Blu-ray Disc - ¥6,800 Standard DVD: 2 DVD discs - ¥5,800 Platinum Fan Club Edition: 1 Blu-ray Disc, 2 CD’s + CD of their new song ジャイアニズム:RE惡T
  3. So recently I’ve been asked by a friend of mine to start a band with him and I’ve agreed to be the vocalist!


    Anyone here have any tips on looking after my voice? There’s already a bit of damage to my vocal chords, and I also need to reduce the amount I smoke/quit (as much as I don’t want to quit 😂) I do clean vocals btw if that helps 

    1. diryangrey


      hey, hmu if y'all need any production

    2. reminiscing2004


      Do warmups before you sing maximum intensity / highest range. The most important thing is to listen to your body and be aware of when you are straining or need to adjust your technique some days, but you probably already got the hang of a lot of that unconsciously. Eating pretty much anything before you sing, so long as its not dry and dusty like nuts, will help soften/comfort the throat if it feels off.


      How have you damaged your vocal chords already? Do you throw your voice out a lot?

  4. TheZigzagoon

    I could never get in to POIDOL unfortunately, I always preferred Arlequin. Still sad to see them go though!
  5. TheZigzagoon

    This has been a vibe throughout lockdown, makes a change from the metal stuff I usually listen to
  6. TheZigzagoon

    Preordered the limited edition version, absolutely loved the previews for this album! We need a NAZARE live DVD next!
  7. TheZigzagoon

    Anyone else just find that quarantine has them sleeping all the time. I’m constantly asleep and I’m still tired
  8. TheZigzagoon

    Instrumental source (he has some amazing covers on his channel, check them out!)
  9. Here’s a little preview of a vocal cover I’ve been working on for The Gazette’s song ‘Sono koe wa moroku’! The instrumental is by Ron Williams! (I’ll link it below!)
  10. TheZigzagoon

    The Gazette NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX GUNS 2006 BUDOKAN ARENA pamphlet with the CD for the re-recording of 'Juunanasai' V.A. - V-ROCK DISNEY NAZARE - NEMOPHILIA (Limited Edition)
  11. TheZigzagoon

    Tbh that’s a really respectful decision, it’s better to stop when you know that things have run their course than to drill the DADAROMA name in to the ground until no one cares about them anymore
  12. TheZigzagoon

    The Gazette - DISORDER (1st press edition) The Gazette - Chigire
  13. TheZigzagoon

    I found a CD by the previous band to the Gazette called Kar+te=zyAnose on Mercari, dunno if it’s fake but I took the plunge anyways and will share with you all! EDIT: So got an email this morning stating it had been cancelled because it had already been sold 😐
  14. TheZigzagoon

    The Gazette SHOXX File 2003-2007 NIGHTMARE Revelation photographs and history NIGHTMARE PERSONAL BEST HITSUGI EDITION
  15. TheZigzagoon

    Interestingly enough the band has been real quiet about the live in Russia, I wonder what’s happening with that?? But it was for the best that these were cancelled, its just too risky
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