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  1. Happy b-day Time! ❤️

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  6. Almost had a heart attack when I read the headline ;w; ...only to see it's their most-common songs as a best-album lmao! Anyway, nice of hanon to put these songs up for a broader audience Gonna wait for it to be up at Google Play Music~ Beside iTunes and GPM it'll also be for sale at Amazon Music, music.jp, LINE MUSIC and orikon at 12/22!
  7. -timecapsule-

    Can't watch their videos (blocked in my country) + can't buy digital anymore (as it seems atm) + not willing to pay shittons for overpriced CDs/DVDs. Great job Kiwamu!
  8. 裏・アーカイブ(ura archive) track list: 01. DUB NOTE(2003年デモ) 02. BEAUTIFUL LIFE(2004年デモ) 03. SINCE YESTERDAY(2004年デモ) 04. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■(2004年配布) 05. LONG KISS GOOD NIGHT(2005年デモ) 06. 人間牧場(2006年デモ) 07. 本日ハ晴天ナリ(2006年デモ) 08. 東京犬育成協会CM(END OF THE WORLD) 09. 人間牧場(2006年プロモ用) 10. 狂い蝉が叫んだ朝に(2006年デモ) live-limited... why tho. why...
  9. [twitcast karaoke set-list at 2015/08/25] 田嶋武敏(tajima taketoshi): 01. T.M.Revolution - WHITE BREATH 02. シド(SID) - 私は雨(watashi wa ame) 03. MERRY - 梟(fukurou) ユーキ(yuki): 01. X JAPAN - Rusty Nail 02. Janne Da Arc - DOLLS 03. X JAPAN - X ユーキ(yuki) has joined twitter: https://twitter.com/yappyyuki
  10. Woahhh ! Yuki is alive ?? OMFGGG Thanks for posting this news, Trombe, I wouldn't possibly have noticed otherwise!!
  11. -timecapsule-

    ^ From how I understand it, the actual album title isn't decided yet. SOUND MASTURBATION is the name of their own label. Maybe it'll turn out that they will use it as the title, let's see~
  12. Hm. Wasn't really overwhelmed with their past-2011 output but yeah let's see where this is going..
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