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  1. Damn, I'd like to thank the peeps who suggested new bands to listen to at the thread the bad bandmen of VK lol def not the place I would've thought to find new bands to listen to XD


    Also Clack Inc. is def my fave here so far

  2. riyusama

    Dude, where did you read this stuff? Is there a link you can share? I didn't hear about any new virus and that's kinda scary.
  3. man life is not daijobu... super bummed out that i couldn't watch in live time Jin and Rui's stream.

  4. Rui and Jin ex.screw are having a joint insta live and I have work in 5 minutes. I hate this so much e.e


    Like damn guys, at least inform us of this shit jfc I can only record it for now i crei I can;t even participate in the live QAQ

  5. riyusama

    Ya, that's what I thought too hence why I came here with this post to see if others have heard of this rumour. I tried searching but came to none so I'm starting to think this is really just a baseless rumour that my colleague said on a whim lol This topic will probs be closed after a day or two lol
  6. riyusama

    oh noiceeeee link me to it! What's the fanfic about??? I have Kanon in one of my fanfics as well but meh, the story hasn't gotten to that part yet lol
  7. riyusama

    Tbh almost everyone in the vkei scene don't even look the type to be having children lol And yeah, that part may have been a little too much but tbh those were his words that I remember. Hence why I wanted to see if somebody else had heard of this rumor. Idk man, I think Kanon is a really great artist, sad that she's not that active tbh bro no omg y would u even say that stahp XD
  8. riyusama

    I think around 20, since Mana is 51 now. Seems kinda young for someone in his generation but idk
  9. So, idk if anyone has ever heard of this type of rumour before, but last year in my work as a call center agent I had a couple of friends who were also somewhat into vkei. One of them told me about Mana and Kanon Wakeshima being an amazing duo of mentor and apprentice and how successful they are. He told me that Kanon was such a talented person and that all of that talent may have been inherited. Idk where he got his sources, but he told me that in the sites he goes to there are/were rumors circling about that Kanon is actually Mana's daughter. I tried to search it up and even in Tanuki I tried to see if Kanon's name would show up but nada. So I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this rumor or was my friend just fucking around with me on this one. Also, total respect to Mana and Kanon's privacy for this but, I am curious if there has been talk about this before.
  10. riyusama

    I guess what I can offer here is the anime or well, almost to become an anime Hypnosis Mic lol They have this character called 14th Moon who's the vocalist of a visual kei band But tbh, when I heard his voice and the song he made it didn't feel vkei enough for me lol buuuutttt tbh, the way they portrayed his personality lol it almost feels vkei bwuahahaha another one I just saw on youtube a couple of days ago is that some German guy apparently made a documentary about SCREW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u00NUkd6xdc It's just so fucking wild man, I think vkei in a way was pretty popular in Germany at some point in time lol Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Uchusentai Noiz participating in a contest here in the Philippines called "I love OPM(original pinoy music)" here's a clip of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3emU07eTKg I remember them calling fuel play or like, saying the contest was rigged and unfair because judges chose some half-ass talented half-pinoy half-western guy who abides by the western beauty standards and has abs. A lot of people said the band was treated unfairly here lol I remember Alice Nine was also featured in a documentary show here in the Philippines but, I can't find any clips of it now n youtube lol it was around 2012 if I remember correctly
  11. holy fuckkkk Yuuki ex.unsraw's new music sounds fucking amazing i'm dying

    1. Zeus
    2. xriko


      No name, it's the following of his solo project 勇企

      he is still active, just few lives per year

  12. Fucking finallyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! God, it's been so long since I last heard new music from him! Glad that he released soemthing new ❤️ I did see in his insta that he looks like he's been working on music, so glad that it's getting released ❤️ Also this sounds awesome, tbh I hope he gets into a new band or goes solo and make more music again
  13. riyusama

    HOLY SHIT!! I remember these posts being so popular and wildly reblogged in tumblr!! I can't believe I'm seeing them again XD How nostalgic, remember the times when I was a huge LM.C fan lol
  14. Lol! I'm the only Hufflepuff here XD Have to say though, when I first took the test in pottermore I was really pissed that I got into Hufflepuff because idk what house it was even (I was a new fan then lol) but now, I'm really happy and proud of it! I love how they value kindness, hardwork, loyalty, and being fair. I mean, I may not be that kind of person but, I value those lol Although nowadays whenever I take tests they always say that I'm a good combination of all houses and that I'm only in Hufflepuff because I choose to be in it lol family wise though, I think I'm surrounded by Ravenclaws lol Since both of my younger siblings are Ravenclaws~
  15. Bruhhhhh Jin ex.screw did a live today and it lasted for 2 fucking hours yaassss everything is finally going better slowly but surely. I feel like he might start doing lives regularly.

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