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  1. Plant

    Discord: Plant#9747 last.fm: https://www.last.fm/user/cassettetv
  2. Plant

    Agreed. Communicating is difficult and, in many instances, an art. Many people are not willing to put forth the effort of consideration and empathy to accurately get your point across without causing offense. So generally, as you said, people are inclined either to lie, or be as blunt as possible. Both are repugnant and contribute to a poorer society for us all.
  3. Plant

    the original version of 禁色 on Forbidden Pleasure volume I with ao singing is really quite nice. it’s from 1997 so I think it's the first cali≠gari recording with ao singing?
  4. Plant

    wow almost exact opposite I guess kenjiro maybe? or shuuji.......... turns out he can shred secretly
  5. Plant

    for me it's probably 俺≠俺 > 初恋中毒〜童貞一直線篇〜 > 俺が咲く山 > 俺は怒ってる but I like kenjiro style, s o......... I really wonder if ao is the one playing guitar on these tracks 🤔
  6. Plant

    lol that one's actually my least favorite
  7. Plant

    I like that one ;o;
  8. Plant

    I mean, they already have a song called cali+gari.......
  9. Plant

    I sure hope so....... Great title.
  10. Plant

    I’m curious about the CD that comes with カリガリの偏曲集. So it contains different versions of those songs that you can play along to using the sheet music?
  11. Plant

    I think it’s just because there was a shift in sound, which always causes a bit of division among fans. As much as I do like the post-dmmd stuff now, it’s definitely not the same, and their older works hold so much nostalgic value for me it’s hard not to remain partial. But, anyway, imo the post-dmmd stuff should not be ignored; it just has a different vibe. Even those put off by it should be able to enjoy the less-than releases at least; those remixes are solid.
  12. Plant

    Yes, it is largely thanks to you. And yes you should listen to them a lot. Colorlessbalance was definitely better than I expected it to be. For some reason I listened to voicelessbalance first, so that made for kind of a strange experience.
  13. Plant

    I suggest ワーキングウォークマン. This was me until earlier this year tbh. The "less than" releases won me over though, and coaxed me into giving the new stuff a second chance.
  14. Plant

    It's rough. The ヘクトウ demos were 320 kbps at least......
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