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  1. felipar

    Será que vingaria um discord pra brasileiros que ainda gostam de vk?
  2. felipar

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I've already downloaded the mentioned albums
  3. felipar

    I really like the aesthetics of this band but I don't really know which album would be a good starting point to know them, any recommendations?
  4. Hello I am the singer of a punk band called Clan dos Mortos Cicatriz, we have a lot of eroguro elements and japanese literature references on our lyrics but they're in portuguese. This week we have released an album playing covers from bands that we consider to be important to us and between them there are songs by The Stalin and G.I.S.M. The Stalin - https://clandosmortoscicatriz.bandcamp.com/track/the-stalin G.I.S.M. - https://clandosmortoscicatriz.bandcamp.com/track/death-agonies-screams-g-i-s-m Hope you guys like it! See ya!
  5. felipar

    I totally agree with you! I only listened to the album once and I still need to give more attention to it, I'll be doing it as soon as I finish working today, but I definitely was expecting that they would rearrange the songs more than they did. デリヘルボーイズ!デリヘルガールズ!, 真空回廊 and 原色エレガント is an amazing sequence of songs
  6. felipar

    LOL I remember when this band formed, I got excited to hear a vk band with female members... it was a disappointment when I first listened to it. I just checked vkgy and I'm even more surprised that they never broke up or went on hiatus since they started.
  7. felipar

    I'm surprised that they're still active...
  8. felipar

    Is Deliheru Boys! Deliheru Girls! the one that is played during that niconico interview?
  9. felipar

    Hahahahahahaha, what an interesting couple lol. I used to follow her on instagram without knowing it was Ura from Gusha Ningen, I guess I followed it because of the Satsugai Enka Vinyl hashtag she uses often. Is it the angura version of Rosemary's baby? I'll check their band right now, thanks for the info.
  10. that's cool, I'm going to write my post graduation thesis about the angura subculture.
  11. felipar

    Ao Sakurai (cali≠gari) Shuuya (Misora, JOJO, etc.) aie (deadman) Kenzi (d.p.s., ANTIFEMINISM, etc.) Shinichirou (Hotaru)
  12. felipar

    this new song is very good
  13. felipar

    I was planning to subscribe under a friend's name/address who's living in Tokyo so I guess I'll go for it. thanks!
  14. felipar

    I wonder where the ties of 101A with the angura/vk scene comes from... first time I heard about them was years ago and it was through a north-american blog about shoegaze. Their singer also released a collaboration with Jake (ex-Guniw Tools) which includes a nice cover of Portishead's "Glory box". https://cloudchair.bandcamp.com/album/live-gift
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