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  1. Seelentau

    glad I was wrong "Oboro" means "haziness" btw.
  2. Seelentau

    In what's probably the last DIR EN GREY news on this board: http://direngrey.co.jp/lang_en/news/3338/ Yeah, it's definitely not old footage >< Also, on a personal note: With the help of the awesome @inartistic, I managed to make the move from Wikia/FANDOM to my very own MediaWiki-based Wiki. As you will see, it's way better than whatever bullshit FANDOM is doing to their platform, so from 2021 onward (or effectively today lol), find all the lyrics and other super-duper interesting information - such as when exactly Kaoru went to his first live! - over at www.degwiki.com!
  3. Seelentau

    It also says so in the English version: "DIR EN GREY’s latest live footage filmed for appositely for this screening."
  4. Seelentau

    Not according to their JP news article, no. It's either one they recently filmed or one they'll film. But definitely not an old one, sadly. 😕
  5. Seelentau

    the thumbnail is killing me
  6. Seelentau

    oh damn, completely missed that lol time to comment "hey that's me at 10:10" a mood
  7. Seelentau

    I do?
  8. Seelentau

    Would they really call the live a "YouTube premium live", leading "fans" to think they meant "YouTube Premium", when it's actually a "premium live" on regular YouTube? But I mean, it says "YOUTUBE PREMIUM" in the video... did they confuse "premiere" with "premium" or what?
  9. Seelentau

    I'm boooored so I worked on this again.
  10. Seelentau

    what a joke
  11. Seelentau

    Hopefully it arrives soon, I'm curious to find out what's on it. Although their vocalist told me it's fake... if it has Toshiya, that would be alright lol
  12. Seelentau

    Recently, I was able to talk to SHUN from Vasalla and shigeta from el:cid about various, mostly DEG-related things. And D+L's vocalist shuji still responds to my selfish questions on instagram every now and then
  13. Seelentau

    hi iirc this person opened a thread on it or asked for them in a ki$aki-related thread but it's been a while since this happened and I honestly don't even remember their username on here so it's whatever. there's worse in the vkei/DEG fandom.
  14. Seelentau

    After doublechecking with the YouTube upload and a friend: What's with the weird noise in the first performance of TWoM on the Ochita video disc? At times, there's a weird noise present, for example when Kyo does his thing during the quiet part of the song in the latter half... It sounds like the bass was overloaded or someone recorded it while standing next to a speaker or so.
  15. Seelentau

    Oh shit, a' cud... oh no... are u so raw ~part II, kyolectric bugaboo~ Yeah okay, that was stupid.
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