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    The links may be dead but with a quick PM to the original poster or the many people who downloaded it, I've found that you could often get someone generous enough to upload it again. I would say it worked for me 50% of the times here, not bad when I consider some of the downloads I asked about had been dead for years. For the rarer/obscure releases, the dead link on these pages aren't so much of the tragedy to me, it's often the information by the original poster and the subsequent conversation that is just as important. When I'm on the hunt for the music or want to find out more about the band, all of those scraps of information help considering there's little to no information in English about a lot of the bands that have been discussed here, whether it's the download page, a news article or even someone who sold something 10 years ago here, it all made a difference in knowing what was out there. When the average shelf life of a fan is a few years, it's almost critical the posts stay alive because the people who posted them are long gone. With a death of a forum, most of that deeper stuff gets lost and very unlikely to be carried over by anybody to the next place. I've seen many come and go over the last 20 years and something like discords, which is seemingly the direction newer fans are taking to share information, will never really act like a good substitute to the dusty old forum platform IMO. And I agree, as someone who trawls discogs, YJA, mercari, and Japanese webshops for a vinyl, CD or tape, I don't mind that everyone doesn't have download access to everything. If people really want it, they'll find a way to buy it but the information is the part that needs to stay alive and accessible. Again, having seen many forums and websites come and go, there's plenty of things (YJA listings, images, html files, etc) I've saved about a particular band that I could never find again.
  2. carddass

    I've been a member of Jpopsuki for a long time and there's still lots of rare and obscure music that showed up here that have not and probably will never show up at jpopsuki. If you're looking for the latest popular band, then yes, jpopsuki has you covered. If you're looking for music from the 80s or 90s, then I would say both sites were equally as important to check.
  3. The tracklist from Disk Union shows that disc 1 has the same 14 studio songs as what appeared on Esoderic Mania but with a rearranged order. Disc 2 features a live recording from 1989 that features six songs which were never recorded in studio. One of those unrecorded songs, aoi Dahlia (embedded below), appeared on a VHS compilation but the other songs were never released before since the band never officially output a live album up until now. Disc 1[STUDIO] 1.訪れざる宴 2.満月の夜 3.Warrior 4.Goddess 5.花粉犯罪 6.夢の成る頃 7.安息日 8.鵼鵺の想い 9.邪宗門 10.太陽眼 11.サンストローク 12.揺籃の刻 13.神々のレース 14.虹と蛇のブルース Disc 2[LIVE] 1.Crepuscular Rays 2.Seiren 3.虹と蛇のブルース 4.Dear Sheba 5.青いダリア 6.鵼鵺の想い 7.Cosmictrigger 8.訪れざる宴 9.日々の泡 10.Goddess 11.神々のレース 12.夢の成る頃 Source: https://diskunion.net/jp/ct/detail/1008215201 Aoi Dahlia
  4. I can't edit my original post to add this bit of info but this will be out on December 30th, 2020.
  5. The cult posi-punk / goth band 黒色エレジー / Kokushoku Elegy ‎will finally have their work remastered and released again. They released a string of EPs in the mid to late 80s and also recorded tracks on various compilations. All 14 of those studio tracks were released on the 1993 compilation 'Esoderic Mania' which has slowly become scarce and more expensive in recent years due to their popularity through blogs and youtube. The new compilation will contain the same 14 studio tracks that appeared of Esoderic Mania but remastered by Itoken. Kokoshoku Elegy's lead singer Kyoko went on to form the band Harpy with Itoken and she performed in that band up until her unfortunate passing in 2015. A second disc will contain 12 live songs. This information comes from the following person who works at or with the Disk Union label. https://twitter.com/KanenoAtsushi/status/1320961463574425600
  6. carddass

    The latest munimuni newsletter has lyrics of the new song 'Jigoku' with notes by Matenrou: ★一緒に歌おう!(美ネオソング系) 「地獄」曲:CANOU 今宵はムーンライトパーティー・・・。 誰もが死ぬ。思い出を抱いて。 横顔が刹那飛んだ。 自由と鼓動と統べる手がファンタジー。 春の門、眞夜中に。 鈍く垂れるるる河は黒の鐘。 三千世界、アンダーザムーンライト。 幻想と酒、裂ける眼に・・・。 何度でも愛が救うはずも無く。 陶酔の上で、 輪に成って遊べば。 目が眩むほどの世界だ! 絶望に恋をする道化。 定めよ、焔を取れ! 地獄が瞬き、星を貫く。 秘密の夜は、今も夢を見る。 ★加納から 「2020年4月「グッドラックKLE公演」用に新曲を2曲準備していたのですが、その内の一曲です。 夏の終わり頃に、サビ以外のメロディや歌詞を大幅に変えまして、 きっと歌詞は気分で変え続けるでしょう・・・。」 ================================================================== Cleaned up auto translation from deepl.com ================================================================== Sing with me! (Beautiful neosong kei) The song "Hell": CANOU Tonight is a moonlight party... Everyone dies. With memories. Their outline flew by in an instant (translation note: outline or facial profile) A fantasy is the hand that controls freedom and heartbeat. The gate of spring, at midnight. The river that hangs dully is a black bell. Three thousand worlds, under the moonlight. Fantasy and liquor, the eye that breaks. Love can't be saved over and over again. In euphoria. Play in a circle. It's a dazzling world! A clown in love with despair. Settled, take the flame! Hell twinkles and pierces the stars. Even now, I still dream of a night filled with secrets ★ From Canou. "We had two new songs prepared for the 'Good Luck KLE' show in April 2020, and this is one of them. Towards the end of the summer, we changed a lot of the melody and lyrics, except for the chorus. I'm sure he'll keep changing the lyrics to suit his mood...
  7. carddass

    I don't know the 101A well but I believe Matenrou from munimuni works full time or parttime at Ikebukuro Chop. He definitely does the graphic design for most of the flyers, so I'm sure he's familiar with all of the bands that pass through that venue. And wow, thanks for this bandcamp link. As being a big David Sylvian fan, I'm really enjoying the covers cloudchair and noah made of Nightporter and Forbidden Colours. How have I not known about this for 9 years?!
  8. This looks like a really good compilation but that price tag is a little intimidating. It really only comes down to 2000 yen per disc which seems reasonable considering the amount of exclusives here.
  9. This really awkward (ASMR?) book review shows alot of the pages if you're interested in seeing what's inside. I'd just recommend watching it on mute:
  10. Also, Slogan sells and ships to overseas buyers directly, just contact them via e-mail or through their website form. Here was the price breakdown when I bought the book last year. Maybe shipping prices differ now: The book: 7,400 Tax: 592 Shipping SAL: 2,580 Check number: 410 ------------------------------- 10,982JPY
  11. Thanks, that's a great collection of links. Gin Satoh, who photographed all of the great early 80s punk and hardcore bands in Japan, doesn't have an instagram account personally but if you search for his hashtag you'll find lots of his great work. His eye and style defined the scene back then: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/ginsatoh/ Last year his legendary 'underground GIG' book was released again in its longest version yet at a whopping 600 pages. I highly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of photography or the hardcore / punk scene in Japan back then: http://www.slogan.co.jp/portfolio/undergroundgig/
  12. I actually want to hear some of Baby's reggae influences infused into the music. Imagining a hybrid between Baby's Highest Region grooves and Tatsu's amazing guitarwork would be epic:
  13. The challenge I see is Tatsu being able to filter out the not so good tracks he writes. Of his solo albums in the last 15 years, there are some good tracks here and there but then there's lots of tracks that are just him shredding for 5 minutes. I guess that comes with the territory of most of them being guitar instrumental albums.
  14. I agree...it can be very hit or miss but Deadman's Face was surprisingly good for a comeback single. Even Baby's contribution which was heavily influenced by his reggae sound is pretty good to my ears. However, it has been 10 years since that single came out and who knows what the band will come up with now and there could be a dropoff.. Since then, each member has released solo work which is largely different from the others, Baki went acoustic, Tatsu does his usual rock thing and Baby releases his dub reggae jams as Rasbabyhiro. Hopefully they can gel together again.
  15. Gastunk announced yesterday at the end of their very first online streaming concert 'Dead Fever' that they will be releasing a new album in 2021. This will be the first proper album since 1988's Mother. After disbanding in 1988 until their 2006 reunion concert gigs, they only performed twice, once in 1992 in memory of Ghoul's Masami and once in memory of X's hide in 1999. Since 2010 they have been regularly performing one off gigs and at events. This exciting new announcement comes after a lineup change earlier this year with drummer Kei (who is the drummer of Tatsu's Deadrocks project) taking over for Pazz who left last year after being with Gastunk since 1987. Gastunk's very first online streaming concert 'Dead Fever' will be available for purchased viewing until Wednesday September 30th. https://fever.zaiko.io/_item/329597 Setlist: 1. Mokushiroku 2. Night Sight Light 3. The Eyes 4. Mr. Gazime 5. Fighting Mad 6. Deadman's Face 7. No More Trouble 8. Moon Child 9. Blue Peter 10. Red Indian's Rock 11. Geronimo 12. Dead Song 13. Devil 14. Sex 15. Warbird
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