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  1. Ars Magna

    Aqui em Manaus o negócio tá pesado também, eu e minha família pegamos, ao menos eu e meus 3 tios já estamos bem, o problema é minha vó... Mas espero que fique tudo bem
  2. Ars Magna

    Oh no! FORUM????
  3. Ars Magna

    I buy a limited edition from the GazettE album "NIL"
  4. Ars Magna

    La'veil MizeriA tree singles in Spotify!
  5. Ars Magna

    Bleach live action <3, is a awersome live action movie!
  6. Ars Magna

    I'm playing the game "Need For Speed Playback"!
  7. Ars Magna

    from 2016 to here, I ended up bumping into several bands that I really like! among them I can cite: ら せ ん, キ ズ, DIMLIM, GRIMOIRE, The THIRTEEN, ま み れ た etc.
  8. Ars Magna

    Kizu was the band that surprised me the most in 2017, I did not expect so much because I did not like Lime's voice very much in Lezard's time, but with the arrival of Oshimai, I saw a totally unique band emerged in 2017
  9. Ars Magna

    I thought DIMLIM very generic because of VARIOUS, but with the arrival of the album CHEDOARA, I started to love the band, I look forward to new work by the band!
  10. Ars Magna

  11. Ars Magna

  12. Ars Magna

    The New Gazette is very meh, i don't like The New Album(Ninth), is very generic emocore with american metal
  13. Ars Magna

    Why? Tsuzuku change your name from Genki? I'm crying now 😢 I Love Tsuzuku and Mejibray, but i don't like 8P-SB, is a very very Pop vibes...(Sorry for my bad english)
  14. Ars Magna

    Currently i hate Issei, he has been getting involved in a lot of problems and this is too annoying, and your new album it was not good or bad
  15. Hmph... I love The Cure, Is a fantastic Goth Band!
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