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  1. Hindy Junior

    Gente Agora que fiquei sabendo do fim do MH faz tempo que não apareço aqui no grupo. Vou sentir saudade tbm. Vou migrar pro JR one E espero encontrar alguns de vcs por la pra ser mais ativo nas conversas. ^^
  2. Hindy Junior

    Here's the first releases that comes to mind: DIAURA - GENENIS DIAURA - FOCUS DIAURA - Triangle MORRIGAN - Tranquilizer MEJIBRAY - THE '420' THEATRICAL ROSES Black Gene For the Next Scene - Dance to Rave Purple Stone - Aka to Ao The LOTUS - Zoltax NIGHTMARE - NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE - SCUMS
  3. Hindy Junior

    It's amazing how well Laputa's discography sounds. Mainly between 1997-2001 A true vk classic! I love it! MONOCHROME, REINCARNATION MORNING, MOVE ON DARKNESS, ALKALOID, STAY ❤❤❤
  4. Hindy Junior

    It's amazing how the sound of them only improves with time. It is a constant evolution. I only get sad with these limited releases, which wrecks the collection of any fan out. DIAURA is almost 10 years old and still throwing these damned items ... There are great chances that a full album will be announced in early 2020.
  5. Hindy Junior

    My DIAURA is alive!
  6. Hindy Junior

  7. Hindy Junior

    anything is better than continuing with Mia and Meto I like the calm voice of tsuzuku. If it was something like that, for me, they can bury Mejibray forever.
  8. Hindy Junior

    • I met DIAURA during the REBORN tour, and I just fell in love. (5 long years since then. oh God! ) The first song I listened to was Lost November (Like most people) and I did not like much at first. But I liked the voice of yo-ka so much that I looked for other songs. • The second song was Beautiful Creature and it was the BOOM that I needed to fall in love. . Tatsuya was still support of the band and I followed his definitive entrance in the band, like SIRIUS / Lily single. Lily by the way, it immediately became my favorite song of them. There's no way I do not like it. Unfortunately he stayed out of FOCUS. • Speaking of FOCUS, it's my favorite album of theirs. It just seems like they shaped that album and threw in our face. • Diaura eventually became one of my favorite bands. They have a very different sound from other recent bands. Reminds me of good Old VK bands. (Like Laputa, whom I came to know because of them.) • With that I do not have much to complain about. I have some original items from them, I was starting the collection but I stopped for an indefinite time. The big problem with DIAURA is that as a relatively large band, they release many songs in limited editions or exclusively for fan club. I get pissed off with this. • I know the focus is the Japanese fans, but that ends with me. If only they would release those songs in compilations after a while, but ... • And well, I do not see a problem on the covers of VERSUS. They are not the best, but also not bad. Even more if compare with releases from other bands around ... Summing up: Diaura is a great band with incredible songs and musicians. May they always continue to do this beautiful work and that "hide san" protects them from the disband. amen.
  9. Hindy Junior

    WHAT?????? wt... T_________T Precisely! I once read that he was the main. I hope you're wrong, because if you don't , they're halfway to the end. This is a good time for Toki (ex BFN) to get into a band that I like. ***DREAM***
  10. Hindy Junior

    is so from the time of TRANSTIC NERVE a shame.
  11. Hindy Junior

  12. It ends up being almost a mini album of unreleased. JAJAJA When they released EDEN, they put the track on a mini album and album. I do not understand why they do not do the same with零 Is there anything worse than these limited releases? #fuck
  13. 【CD】 1. SE 2. THE CORPSE MANSION 3. THE DAWN DEEP DOPE. 4. ロボトミー. 5. BUTTERFLY 6. DOGMA. 7. もしも黒い翼が生えたなら DEVIL ver. 8. 屍を越えて 9. XISS IN THE DARK 10. もしも黒い翼が生えたなら ANGEL ver. 11. SUPERSTAR 12. The Neverending World. 13. Dearest
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