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  1. pazzi314

    Surprisingly my copy already arrived today. Is there any talk about the title of the unlisted 17th track?
  2. pazzi314

    Looking forward to this! Thanks for the headsup.
  3. pazzi314

    From the third link. Same show, different edition - but on Blu-ray.
  4. pazzi314

    We djent yet?
  5. pazzi314

    Completely agree. Myakuhaku got me back into MUCC, after I kinda lost interest starting with Karma. I'm really digging Myakuhaku.
  6. Even if the labels split it up 50:50, I think there is no way in hell any of them would pass up this cash-cow of release.
  7. pazzi314

    Sweaters, because most of what I own are hoodies and I just can't stand the hoods anymore...
  8. Seconding this. From my short skip-through everything sounded pretty much like they just went in the studio, played the songs and called it a day. And from what I'm reading here that impression seems to hold even if you listen to the whole thing. In the end I will most likely check the entire record out anyway, but this hardly seems like a must-buy situation.
  9. My favorite part is the Grammys playing Metallica as Megadeth walks up.
  10. pazzi314

    I really dig the cover style. But most importantly I second the motion for a damn new album already.
  11. It will be interesting seeing some of those songs in a re-recorded form, but at other points I find the tracklist choice rather lacking.
  12. pazzi314

    Mastodon released the second single from Emperor of Sand today. Really digging this catchy son-of-a-bitch. Looking forward to the whole album.
  13. If you dig Der Weg einer Freiheit, might I recommend Downfall of Gaia and Harakiri for the Sky? Those two are both in a similar vein of music. Downfall of Gaia was on tour with DWEG a while ago.
  14. pazzi314

    Awesome setlist.
  15. pazzi314

    Additionally, wasn't the whole Arche touring cycle pretty much Mode of ARCHE, with them performing pretty much the entire record?
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