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  1. Sorry I haven't been active I forgot my password. :(

    1. WhirlingBlack


      Welcome back! 

    2. matthazell


      lmao just saw your status on the sidebar but yo

  2. Kr_kohaku

    All I have to say is Im glad I didn't buy this album. Fukai remake was the only good song on there.
  3. Kr_kohaku


    Thank you :DD
  4. Kr_kohaku


    I remember some of the furi I saw at the Andrognos live but I have no coordination so it would probably take me forever to learn it xD I wish Pierrot played more often. I heard they play like once every 4 years or something like that. Angelo is having a live coming up in Tokyo and Im thinking about going I really want to see them live but DIR EN GREY took all my money lol. I want more visual Kei friends too :DD
  5. Kr_kohaku


    My favorite album so far is Private Enemy or Dictators Circus. My favorite song either is Mad Sky or Smiley Skeleton. I really want to learn the furi for Pierrot songs but I have no idea where I could learn that. Does Angelo have furi? Aw if you ever come to Japan we should hang out if you need help finding anything here I can help you too ^^ i followed you on twitter! Mine is @kr_kohaku (50shadesofdirengrey)
  6. Kr_kohaku


    Yeah it was so interesting to see the two bands and how different the fans were. I wish dir en grey had more furi xD i actually didn't listen to pierrot that much before only a couple of songs but after the androgynos lives I downloaded their entire discography lol. I want to find out more about them and Angelo but it's really hard to find anything about them online. do you live in japan?
  7. Kr_kohaku


  8. Kr_kohaku


    I wish they didn't disband and played more lives.
  9. Kr_kohaku


    Yeah I went to Androgynos both days! I unfortunately couldn't see that well. At first I actually really didn't like Pierrot but they started to grow on me. Now I really like them.
  10. Kr_kohaku


    Thank you!
  11. Did you find it? I saw one today in Pure Sound and I saw one on Yahoo Auctions.
  12. Kr_kohaku


    Thanks! And yeah I have.
  13. Kr_kohaku


    Hi, my name is Kohaku I just rejoined this site. I had an account YEARS ago and I can`t even begin to try to figure out what my log in info was. So I`m starting over lol. A couple of my friends recently brought this site up and I figured that I should sign up again. I want to make more friends that like J-Rock (And DIR EN GREY)! I also hope to discover some new bands maybe. I also offer translating and finding merch services if anyone is interested in that. I go to many DIR EN GREY lives so I can get people merch that is being sold on the tours. Sorry this was such and awkward intro lol. P.S. I recently have been getting really into Pierrot and Angelo if anyone wants to have a discussion about them!
  14. Kr_kohaku

    I'm new too! I literally just joined this site lol. I really like dir en grey and want to find more people that also like them!
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